Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm sorry but SOMEONE'S got to say it....

The Sopranos.

In a 24/7 with a bonus "x 3 days now" to be liberal, the "news" has revolved around the fate of Paris Hilton and pre-hype attached to the last episode of a television, not for real, crime family. IF I understand the show content never having viewed it as I simply had no interest in it, it begs the question. If this show can garner such interest from the public, why can't what's happening in REAL life engineered by a REAL crime family get the attention of the so-called mainstream and cable media???

Don't we as a society have the obligation to be told the truth by the authority we grant them by electing them into office? Is this the truth of our lives that we concern ourselves with this and not the other? Again, I implore. What does that SAY about us? Voyeurs of other peoples' make-believe dramas. I really don't understand.

I'm a FIRM believer in the necessity of R/R mentally, physically and spiritually. As a nurse I took a sacred vow to care for the well-being of others in those realms. I look around and discover I can't even find the words to address what I see and try to make sense of what's happening...and then I turn to the news...Paris Hilton. The Sopranos.

Can someone...anyone..explain this to me?

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AvengingAngle said...

You're absolutely right. However, as long as people are willing to let their minds be drugged with mindless TV shows and pseudo-celebrities (why exactly is Paris Hilton famous?), they're going to ignore what's really going on in this world.

I see signs of people waking up, but I'm terribly afraid they're going to hit the snooze alarm.