Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The following was sent to his official address. As stated, I will post for all of you his reply when received.

With all due respect, SENATOR, I chose "Terrorism" as the obvious subject here because YOU, Sir, with you utterly insane comments regarding bombing IRAN, demonstrate the highest form of the same.

WHAT IS IN YOUR HEAD, TELL ME PLEASE??? And just WHOSE children do you think you'll be sending to support such lunacy? Yours? Your grandchildren? Well, let me tell YOU something, SIR, you will NEVER, EVER see MY children work to support your bloodthirsty, war-mongering mentality...but the irony is, it's really nothing we have to seriously trouble ourselves about it, is it now. Because once we launch the first nuclear attack, ALL of us will be history.

I will fight your installation as a senator who represents my Democratic philosophy to my bitter end - however that may be - but I hope that for GOD SAKES you consider ALL the CHILDREN before you spew your lust to kill for YOUR personal agenda and let's face it, I think we know where your true loyalties lie, now don't we, Senator Joseph Lieberman!!!

Expect to see your response to me posted on my blog.


Your friend,


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