Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Senator Dodd...Are you listening???

After having been invited to a live chat with our respected Senator Dodd only to meet w/utter frustration in not being able to log on, I sent him the following "comment" below which followed an initial comment regarding the removal of oh, guess who...Lieberman!!! Not that I thought for one minute that he'd address it, I still believe that CT has one charge and one alone at the moment which is to get that traitor to Life and Country OUT OF OFFICE!!! I may as well go whistle in the wind for what it's worth but I thought I'd share my utter outrage and frustration here...not that YOU need any more in your own lives but sometimes, ya just gotta know you're not alone. Herewith is my rant to Senator Dodd free from any proofreading. Just too angry:

To Senator Dodd,

Listen, I hate to have to revisit something I've already attended to and please do forgive my "attitude" but after all, I've been living in bushworld along w/all of my citizens here and I am just damn fed up. Since I couldn't get on the live chat either, what I need you to know is that I can't POSSIBLY give consideration to new proposals at this moment and it comes from my underlying philosophy that you cannot build a mansion on swampland. THIS ADMINISTRATION IS THE SWAMP...IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING NOW TO GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE, NONE OF YOUR PLANS WILL BE WORTH ONE DAMN OF ANYTHING! I hear NOTHING from you about impeachment (and don't DARE tell me it's a waste of time...OUR CONSTITUTION PROVIDES FOR THIS SITUATION we're now in and to dismiss it simply because elections are next year is as much of a high crime to me as was the DEBASEMENT of the Constitution for B.S. reasons during the Clinton era. Your platitudes are lovely - I support your overall ideas but for God sakes, who is the leader who is going to speak the ULTIMATE truth to power and restore the rule of law, end this fing war and return our DEMOCRACY BACK to the people? C'mon, Senator, let's start at the basics, ok? Healthcare, (and this is from an RN), hedge funds, the NAME it...NONE OF IT is going to matter if these criminals continue toward their own version of Armaggedon which quite frankly, I, nor my children are NOT interested in participating in. As a lifelong Dem, I cannot possibly articulate the level of disgust and disdain I have for leaders of BOTH parties so, Senator Dodd, I beg you..can you begin to talk turkey here? I do believe it's within you. I have to lest I begin to stick needles in my own eyes. Are you HEARING me??? Are you listening??? Is anyone??? And needless to say I hope, not one damn dime from me until I see some accountability. You are most welcome to call me or even appear at my door if it pleases you but as of this moment in time, not one of you will receive any support from me. You are a good man - that is not the issue...but it is LONG OVERDUE for ONE good man to come forth and do what is right and holy. I'm done.

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