Sunday, June 01, 2008

Howard Dean and thugs? I QUIT the Democratic Party!!!

Make NO mistake about it. Yesterday, the Democratic Party shot itself in the foot - maybe irretrievably. And to that, I say, GOOD!!! YOU DESERVE the fallout that you are now about to see happen.

As of tomorrow, the moment my local registrar opens, I will resign from the Democratic Party that I've supported my entire lifetime.

With that action is a vow that Barack Obama will under NO circumstances, receive my vote - not even if Senator Clinton begs us for "unity." Fuck that.

I further commit to work tirelessly against his campaign in an effort to continue to expose the truth about this lying, Chicago streetfightin', hypocrite and I will spend every last penny I have donating to his opponent.

I SPIT on mainstream media and sheeple Dems who support him. The blood is now on your hands.

Nice knowin' you, America. The little "experiment" was great...while it lasted.

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