Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama: Fie on Fisa!

So, how 'bout that...that bothersome little bill Senator Dodd and Feingold planned to filibuster...a g a i n??? You know the one...the one that makes our Fourth Amendment go missing for good? The one where Dubya made it possible for you, yes you, to be wiretapped without a warrant not even for cause with the real yummy icing on the cake being immunity to all those innocent telecom companies who merrily went along with his plan? And dollars to donuts - you don't even know the HALF of what's included in that bill but, oh well, who needs a stupid FISA court anyway?

Obama was for it! Imagine! Oh, before he was against it of course but you know how those flip-flop things go. A "progressive liberal"...HA!

So, Dems Who Have Lost Your Minds - How's that hope and CHANGE workin' out for ya? Hmm?

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