Saturday, June 07, 2008

Never, Obama!

With a speech that ought to make every female media clown, every left wing talk radio show hostess who shilled for Obama hang their heads in shame knowing they will never possess the class in one finger that Hillary Clinton demonstrated moments ago, a historic chapter in history has come to an untimely close...a chapter that was written by the media, edited by talking heads and published in the yellow rag journalism now seen in the so-called "paper of record" New York Times et. al, my heart did not succumb to the sadness and emotion that many feel with the suspension of Mrs. Clinton's campaign. And I'm a kinda sentimental girl as you can tell from my writings..(HA!)

So, once again for the record, let me repeat as I've said all along...NEVER, EVER, EVER will my hand cast a vote for Senator Snake Oilbama...NEVER, EVER, EVER!!!!

Sorry, Mrs. Clinton. Just because you have ended your campaign does not automatically mean I and oh so many others will just turn off and turn on to the nightmare that is Barack Obama. I just don't work like that, ya know? He makes me just as sick as he did yesterday, he is still as anathema to me as he was yesterday and he still is the same lackluster, inexperienced, dishonest racist he was yesterday.

Hillary was grace and class today. Admittedly, I am not. And if voting for Obama would make me possess either virtue, then so be it. Call me classless. I'll keep it. And, I'll keep my outrage and disgust for both parties nicely in tact and still plan on being able to sleep tonight.

Poor America. Oh, what you could have been.

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