Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Blowout!


We caught these scumbags trying to pull one over on us once again and THAT is how We the People MUST work!

These hooligans are running for their political lives right now and that's EXACTLY as it should be.

This bill was a disaster - on any side of the equation. Now, MAKE them WORK for a change. Make them understand that the American tax-payer is NOT for sale and let Wall Street thieves go cry in their beer. Poor things - my heart bleeds for them.

Keep the pressure on - they're like children - the minute they think you're not looking, they'll try their stunt all over again.

We the People have spoken.

Now, let's get these bi-partisan thieves out of DC!

And let's start with Pelosi and Barney Frank - ya, Barn, thought we weren't following you, eh? Oh, and no, let's not forget about Reid either....hmmm...I wonder if Hillary's available?

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