Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Numbed and Dumbed - Gather Round


Where to begin.

Let's start with this for those asking me where I've been during all the "breaking" news, shall we?

A basic principle that governs my behaviors in the midst of chaos, trauma or strife is: shut the hell up and LISTEN.

A second one: never, EVER make decisions during such time.

So, to those of my "fans" who'd hoped perhaps my silence was about "coming over" to the dark side once Obama talked some sense into us ladies and gentlemen who stand for truth, sorry to disappoint you. To the rest who faithfully read my personal insanity here regularly, (yes, I do check my stat counts), hello again. Hope you ALL had a wonderful "Labor" (no pun intended) Day.

Since from before day one, the Barack Obama Corporation has made it clear that race and gender ARE issues, let's start there. I've already sourced my stance on that blogs ago so if you don't feel like going through archives, please, as always I beg you, do your own research. Google. Great place to start. Look to your right here. Click those links too. Whatever. Black is in, women remain out. Yum, how good that Kool-aid tastes today...May I please have some more?

The "news," while never completely, for MANY reasons as you "should" know, is out. I'm not going through the litany of it for you. Whatever you've got in your own head at this moment in time is what you've got. Period. Same here, ok? Follow the money.

Let's pretend we're all behind the wheel of a fog - a really thick one - just for a bit here. Indulge me - you're already here so why not? Every driver's ed manual and every instructor of same will tell you that the safest action one must take when negotiating your vehicle is to lower your beams. Right? Because when you do so, your vision of what's around you and ahead of you, improves. If you drive, you know this to be true. Yet, c'mon, let's be honest...who among us hasn't tried to test whether or not those so-called motor vehicle experts were wrong, or lying, by turning on those high beams??? And, what have we seen when we've done so? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So, to all those running their "motor" mouths out there, driving their vehicles through uncharted territory, recklessly and willfully putting others at risk in the same manner one does while racing through muck, with a very polite voice seething with rage and outrage that you're even BEHIND the wheel, Tweety, Olberman, Vulf, Hannity, Williams, Mitchell, Dowd, Gibson, Brazille et. al, STFU!!!!

You're irrelevent. Your reporting is bogus. And that goes to all partisan hacks as well, whether it be that poooor Obama guy who "inadvertently" decided God is on the side of the Democrats thank you very much, Gustav, to the false, malicious rumors being "reported" 24/7 regarding a private, family matter ad nauseum, to the "fair and balanced" network that evidently has no missing white girls to track down this week and to the blatant, racist, misogynists in your face IF you choose to let them.

Anyone who has anything left of a brain given all we've been through in the last 8 years understands some critical, key points:

1. The media is dead. As a doornail. Caput, Sayonara. So long, been good to know ya...DEAD.

2. The two-party system is dead. If you THINK that what you're seeing played out on your idiot box is real, factual or has any semblance to truth as it pertains to both parties, then I have a bridge to SOMEWHERE to sell you and trust me, you're going to need fireproofed soles on your shoes to walk it.

3. The Constitution of the United States of America IS, thank you very much, Mr. Non-President, a "goddam piece of paper." He's right. WE the people allowed that to occur driving through the fog and worse, doing so while asleep. If you can't bring yourself to read and research, then turn your propaganda box on and see if you can manage to watch a little CSPAN. Can any one of you reading right now tell me what was the last piece of legislation your own Representative introduced? Ya. That's what I thought. We don't NEED the Constitution anymore. We have a president who signed a little piece of satire called Unitary Executive that our wonderful, Democratic Majority Congress you GET what that is??? Can you manage going to the official White House website and READ it??? So, yup, Mr. God Talks to Me, thanks for making that nice and clear for us. Here's your WHERE'S your coat? Gonna be nice and cold in January...oh, but's pretty warm in South America, isn't it? And Harry Reid? Helluva "boxer."

4. "September the Elevunth - itsa, issa, um, it's, what is it???" And I'm the Tooth Fairy.

5. Government does not rule us; Fear does.

6. Uncle Sam divorced Auntie Em but that was because she had a kid by an alien, put it up for sale in a small town in Mississippi, Blackwater I think was the name - no one bought it so she brought it to Walmart where they promptly marked it down and shoved it on a shelf next to the EPTs. She then ran off with her nephew where they moved to Alaska to purchase a moose farm to breed them with pigs declaring their operation a non-profit organization under the auspices of Research and Development while planning the next addition to the "family." He is willing to adopt the alien.

7. Testosterone trumps estrogen every time. Period. No pun intended.

8. Hope and change are words. "Words, words, word" sayeth the Bard.

9. We. Are. Screwed.

10. When Chaos rules, STOP.

But, there is one thing that might/could make a difference. Any idea what that might be? Well, I'll leave that to you to figure out and while you're sitting there agreeing to the indoctrination of submission, staring off into oblivion while you watch The Show, may I offer you a harbor cup of nice warm TEA???

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