Friday, September 05, 2008

Don't Do It, Hillary! Don't!

Suddenly, the Obamamessiah needs YOUR help because the Republicans put a woman on their ticket???

Hill, listen, sis - That's sexism...A G A I N...practiced by a master. Ok? Can we just get that straight now? Your supporters didn't support you because you were a WOMAN (though sadly, many support him for his color which IS racism in its most primal form) so do NOT let him use you like this.

This fraud has a HIStory of throwing people under the bus and you know it. Those not blinded by his messianiac rays know it too, and if you do have a thought to 2012, do NOT go along with his plan for you (looook it up the rest of you and I'm tired of saying it). YOU be the Herstory...not him.

He's a big boy, right? Isn't it about time that Barack Obama fight his own battles, IN the light of day and stop pulling strings that benefit his lust for power and be damned anyone who gets in the way?

Hold your head up and walk away from him. Those who seek the truth already know it. Ya, kind filasofikly speaking, huh, Hill?

Nobama, Never, No Way, No How.

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