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Happy Obamamama's Day!

I couldn't have said this better myself. I reallllly wish the words had been mine. Right, Obama? "Words matter?"

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Lin Farley, Contributor

Maybe I am not a Democrat, after all. Because, let’s face it, the Democratic Party doesn’t want me– so why should I continue to want them?

I think a lotta women are asking themselves this question along about now.

I mean where in the Democratic National Committee Leadership is there a woman at all. We got Donna Brazile, who hates gays, is more responsive to her race than her sex and backs Obama because she cannot resist the movie in her head called: Triumph of the Race.

And then there is Howard Dean who hates the Clinton’s and is a progressive Democrat who went down in flames electorally; but what the hell–he is Obama’s guy on the Inside.

And then there is WHO? C’mon, all you astute electioneer armchair handicappers; Where is the woman who is in power in leadership in the Democratic National Committee? WHO?


Ok. So we have introduced the idea that just maybe the party of our fathers and their sons has abandoned me and women by the boatload for a good long time. So isn’t supporting this party a sucker play for us?

For women that it is. Because now Mcgovern, Mondale, Kennedy, Kerry, and Hart [Carter too] are working that ole liberal loser thang all over again.

And it ain’t gonna fly any better this time than it has in the past.

I don’t need to be a guy, and I don’t need to possess a college degree to understand that this is a loser strategy. But that’s the problem, isn’t it? The GUYS and their female hangers-on like BoringBoringBoring McCaskill can’t see what is as plain as the nose on your face to every Democrat without a college degree from here to Charleston, West Virginia with stops in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, New York, and California.

We Lose if we go this way. Because the women ain’t coming back. And neither are the White working class.

The seniors will leave as well. And the Latinos.

Finally, anyone who thinks Barack Obama is going to carry the Jewish vote is smoking too much of the hopium. They will not support Obama who wants to negotiate with Hamas and Iran.

So how many times will the liberals insist on running this play? The one that goes, ‘Blacks and Upper Income voters will carry the day’. Because the other party knows that election gambit by heart and they ‘whup ass’ every damn time we go that way.

If we reject the Clinton coalition of voters this year we are committing suicide as a political party.

But Donna Brazile don’t care; she just told me to go f**ck myself, ‘Barack don’t need my kind’.

And I think Obama’s people think me and my kind don’t matter `cause people hate Bush so bad, ain’t nobody gonna vote Repuggie’?

“NO, NO, NO”– to quote a famous preacher. It’s a sucker play; don’t fall for it.

But jeeeze, if there is one thing this primary battle has taught me it is what a good friend just described to me: The Democratic Party could care less about me. They will not find a way to deal with Michigan and Florida so their votes count. They don’t care about the women’s vote in any way comparable to the way the care about the black vote. The Liberal wing of the party has an endless money pot so who cares if all those two-bit suckers for Hillary don’t get on the bandwagon. The liberals are buying super delegates like there is a fire sale on them.

The only thing I can conclude about all this is that money, power and privilege are the keys to the kingdom for a whole lot of Democrats. Lip service is given to the little people–you know, the ones who don’t vote for Barack because they are bitter and too busy going to church and hunting to know any better. But Liberals in the Democratic Party are now so drunk on Anti-Bush wine they think they can slide on into home plate without rounding the bases. That’s why Obama wants to declare himself the winner before all the primaries are finished.

Here is the reality, not the spin. There is only a 130 or so vote difference between the two candidates, and no one has hit the magic number. The nomination doesn’t belong to anyone just yet. So why are so many anointing Barack the Messiah? I’ll tell you why, because we are letting Republican talking heads dictate who our nominee will be.

Hillary–And Only Hillary– can bring in the Clinton coalition of voters. She can beat McCain and she can win this general election. Obama cannot win the general election I don’t care how turned off by Bush the electorate is. Wright is wrapped around Obama’s neck like a smelly mackerel. And the repugs will never let anyone forget it.

I swear after two lost elections and eight years of Bush, I thought the Democrats got it. But if the Democrats are the guys–and a lot of people sure as hell see it that way–we are going to lose, lose, lose.

So Happy Mother’s Day, fellas. And here’s a little kicker for you from Taylor Marsh:

“His name is Will. He is an Obama supporter. He just learned of one of his mother’s dreams. It was an awakening. ‘I spoke to my mother briefly tonight, just small talk, and mentioned the political atmosphere of the last 24 hrs. She just said she loved me, and that she wanted to get off the phone, and gave it to my dad. She is a Hillary supporter, my dad and I are Obama folks. As my dad and I talked, I started to feel really bad about all the negative feelings that have emerged over the last few months. I particularly started to feel seriously guilty towards my mom. Had I just denied my 65 year-old mom the chance to see a woman become president for perhaps the only time in her adult life? I don’t think that a woman president is that far off at all, but I certainly wouldn’t go around assuming that, if I had spent the last 65 years watching a parade of men take the chair in the Oval Office, and feel like there is nothing to be done to change that. And along comes Hillary, and the dream is alive, and then it is crushed in this brutal primary we’ve all gone through. I guess for the first time in this election season, I walked for a moment in the other side’s shoes, and I really didn’t like how my side looked. And as much as my Obama activism has meant to me over the last several months, it suddenly didn’t hold a candle to realizing I may have participated in stealing my mother’s dreams away from her. All of a sudden, all I wanted to do was give my mom a female president, and do all it took to make that happen.This is a damn tough time to be a Democrat.’“

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