Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stay Home, West Virginia Voters...

Haven't you gotten the memo? MSNBC, CNN, Fox, Nova M Radio, Air America and bloggers formerly known as liberal/progressive with few exceptions like MyDD, Talk Left and No Quarter, have ALL told you...your vote does not matter! Not only doesn't it count, but it. does. not. matter. WE will pick the president. You just sit there and listen!

Why should you bother? Isn't it much better to let media, cable news, and talk radio pundits determine who our candidates should be? After all, that's exactly what they've done for you...people who'd previously been "somewhat" dedicated to telling you the truth (and their truth is that Hillary Clinton is Satan...and Barack Obama walks on water). Essentially, they've told you to mind your own business, don't worry about annoying things like facts, let US tell you about "hope" and "change" and don't bother to fill your heads with concerns about a candidate who is a racist (as well as his wife), a liar, an empty suit, a plagiarist, a "Christian" who sleeps through 20 years of sermons, has roots in Chicago's political cesspool, and barely remembers an upstanding citizen like Tony Rezko...not a good omen for one who ultimately carries massive amounts of information as a Decider. Besides, West Virginians, you can't make any good decisions anyway...After Obama's last dazzling debate performance, there was no way he was gonna let you see him flounder and stammer and stutter standing next to that "monster" when she could be easily dispensed with by giving her the finger and shaking her off his shoulders...go look it up on Youtube. Take THAT you bitch!

And if you think YOU'RE special, Kentucky, you can just stay the hell home too. Stop WORRYING ABOUT IT...You've got HOPE to hang your hate (oops..."hat") on. "Change" too because despite all the filth in the past few decades from the most recent power puppets living in our White House, you ain't seen nuttin' yet.

And get this, Hillary supporters. Saint Barack told you you're going to just rally round him once your candidate is dispensed with. Don't you just love it? After watching this witch hunt, you REALLY want to reward them by hopping onto the "race"mobile. Oh, didn't you know? If you don't vote for Obama, you're a wracist - wright?

No...this is one Democrat who will not be rallying round the flag pin, boys. Wanna know why? Sorry to disappoint but it's not because I'm a racist. It's because after THIS perverted stunt they've pulled on us and oh, SO much more, it's very clear to me that there IS no more Democratic Party. Don't believe me? That's fine..go back to sleep. It's the American way after all.

"Party Unity," Obama? SHOVE IT.


FlatusTheElder said...

Mary, what will you do in Nov? Right now I'm voting all dem except Barack.

Mary said...

Hi, Flatustheelder,

Thanks for you comment. I plan to vote all Dem as well...EXCEPT for the top of the ticket...If we have the ability to write in, I'll probably vote for Mickey Mouse or simply leave it blank. Nothing but nothing could allow me to vote for Obama...maybe I'll even write you in!!! ;)