Friday, May 09, 2008

Obama will NEVER get my vote..

Under ANY circumstances.

I cannot believe what Howard Dean has done to this party - or the media - or liberal talk radio - or bloggers we used to trust. And you - the Kool Aide drinkers.

You all wear the blinders the sheeple of 2000 donned.

Well, then you all deserve him. A racist. A liar. A hypocrite. A deceiver extraordinaire...and you don't see it. What you're about to see take center stage is far worse than whatever you thought you were getting in bush. His condescending, passive-aggressive arrogance is something to behold. The kid in the school yard who sets the fire in the woods and then runs away claiming no responsibility for his crime. Who, Obama? Oh, never.

The deification of this man is stunning to watch. Intelligent, formerly rational people behave as though he's their own personal savior...cult of personality...the worshipping of strange gods indeed. He could strut down Pennsylvania Ave naked shooting everything other person and still you scary people would make excuses for him.

I am utterly sickened and disgusted to watch what we've worked so hard for in the last 8 years crumble as though we'd never even been here before.

America is broken beyond repair now. And, so is my heart.

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