Wednesday, May 14, 2008

John Edwards - Traitor Extraodinaire

Thanks, Edwards, for finally showing us your true colors...You hid from us when you withdrew without a word to your dedicated supporters.

I'm GLAD you did this today. Because now, I no longer have to have any doubt about where your loyalties lie. I should have known when you did to us what John Kerry did to us...without warning...We trusted you.

Not any more.

Not only any more, but ever again.

You hypocrite.

Go to, Senator. You'll be surprised at just how much corporates own him.

Party unity? Never!


lynnspirit said...

Thanks Mary. You were so quick to write what I was thinking all afternoon. Not that this development is surprising--because the "old boys" will do anything to steal this election for Obama. It has never been so obvious that "we the people" has become an empty phrase regarding electing the next president. I am a woman supporting Hillary though not racist or uneducated as we have been characterized. I care a great deal about health care and other issues that affect women and these things are not even on his radar. (Also shame on NARAL for their endorsement of him--more traitors).
I thought I was a Dem but they don't want us unless we coalesce to this travesty (i.e. shut up, little woman!) I don't think I will vote at all in November.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards is a liar and a traitor. He claimed he'd "let the voters speak" before he made any decisions about whom to endorse, but yet, just one day after Hillary got a HUGE victory in VA, he comes out publicly to endorse Obama. Coincidence? I doubt it.