Sunday, October 26, 2008

How's Grammy, Obama?

No, truly, Barack...I really want to know, being a nurse 'n all, ya know? How's she doing? Did you get to catch up on all the years you missed? Did ya tell her all about the girls? Your lovely wife? And how Jackie-O she is? How about those chores around the house you said you were gonna get to...did you accomplish them all? Being endowed with SO many powers, carpentry, no doubt being among them, you whipped that place right into shape, huh? Did ya tell her you've been praying for her...well...maybe that stopped after you denounced the, skip that question. Did you (oh, making sure no one could hear you) whisper to her to have Hope??? After all, you invented it, no? And did you read her the story of Lazarus? Told her not to worry?

You make me sick, Barry. No doubt, that poor woman deserved a helluva lot more than YOU gave her because see, you're a LIAR...yup...that's what you are. And one of the best kind - in fact, I do believe I'll go so far as to say that you're the BEST liar I've seem among ALL politicians, and, as you know, that's an awful lot of liars. Now this I'll give you. On THAT, you trump ANY Messiah whose story's been told. For that indeed, you ARE "The One."

Alas, I really didn't come here to chat with YOU because truth be told, it's only the screen between us that prevents me from spitting. What I really came to do is to point my faithful readers to no, not NoQuarterUsa, where Truth continues to be the bottom line, but to another link I have featured here in "our" special place. It ought to go without saying since it's readily apparent to the eye that I'm not big on huge blogrolls...I'm kinda selective that way. Besides, it's a simple point and click to find whatever it is that floats your boat in this, if I DO feel a desire to highlight someone's dedication to truth-telling, you'll see it here. Which is why I wish to direct you all to go immediately to PaganPower - see link to your right. There is some FINE fine "work" goin' on there. Please don't miss it...but be warned. You're gonna get mega-doses of truth - providin' that's what you're lookin' for...and you are, right? That's why you're here, of course. Or, you're simply addicted to...well, you fill in the blank.

Well, onward. Being in a holiday frame of mind with Samhein 'n all, I got to thinkin' about what music I might want to play with the upcoming Christmas season and, the strangest thing happened..I know it's happened to you all too..You get a tune in your head and then you can't stop hearing it...that kind of thing. I keep hearing this one though I can't seem to remember the title...sumthin' like..."grandma a reindeer????"

Does anybody know if Barack was seen wearing a set of pretend horns gallopin' round the sunny beaches of ???

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