Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate FIXED!

Don't believe me? Well, here's a portion of all you need to know from NoQuarterUSA - and you can simply click on the listed blogs to the right of what you're reading right now to get the full story, though, I caution non-obama-cultists that it will make you sick; thus, be warned.

Personally, I would be absolutely ashamed to support such blatant trickery, deception and lies that surround this empty suit, non-vetted candidate by any objective standard of measure. But, those who are brainwashed never do seem to be able to see the forest through the trees now, do they?

Anyway, here's the Most Disgusting Item of the Day - well, not really - EVERYTHING disgusts me about our current state of affairs but without further ado, behold the latest obamascam with huge H/T to Larry's folks:

Time for Action: Ifill Must Withdraw for Conflict of Interest [Update] : NO QUARTER#more-5187#more-5187#more-5187#more-5187#m.
Time for Action: Ifill Must Withdraw for Conflict of Interest [Update]

By Matthew WeavergravatarcloseAuthor: Matthew Weaver Name: Matthew Weaver
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From GateWayPunditThe failure to remove Gwen Ifill as moderator tonight is a travesty and embarrassment to the Commission on Presidential Debate’s mantra of “professional and nonpartisan“. Gwen Ifill has written a book, titled “Age of Obama” that she and her publisher are now promoting for release on Inauguration Day! She has a clear bias for Obama and stands to personally, professionally, and financially profit from his successful election as president. Thus, tonight, it is in her interest to see that Governor Sarah Palin does not do well, or is even embarrassed.

It cannot be understated that the moderator of the debate has control over the debate questions, follow-ups, and discussion. The moderator can overtly or subtly make a winner and a loser. Ifill’s bias and conflict of interest are so great and so obvious that any result tonight will be suspect. It is unfair to either candidate, to the parties, and to the American people that she continue as moderator. Gwen Ifill claims to be a journalist but has failed to honor one of its most sacred principles: impartiality.

Since, despite her bias and conflict of interest, Gwen Ifill refuses to step aside and allow for an impartial moderator to host tonight’s debate, it is up to us, the American people, to voice strong protest to force her replacement as moderator.

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