Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The "Media" is Lying to You -

just in case you haven't figured that out by now.

I just have to wonder why it is though, that they're so in the tank for Obama - liar, clever racist, opportunist - take your pick, and there IS so much more to choose from. All you have to do, as always, is the research - Rezko, Ayers, and Wright oh my! - kinda has a nice ring to it ala Wizard of Oz - which is exactly where we'll be should this charlatan steal the election as his ties to Acorn seem to suggest is a reasonable possibility. Oh, silly me...I forgot that Bots think acorns just fall from trees....just who IS the real Obama? Guess we're not meant to know since he refuses to produce a bona fide birth certificate...(ya, Michelle, I know you slapped AP's hands for that DARE we want to know! And where have they been hiding you lately? Too loose of a cannon perhaps?)

Hello, folks - this is NOT your Democratic Party here, you know that, right? Pardon me for a few flights of ideas...I deserve them - crazy thoughts for crazy times 'n all. Up is down, truth is lies, and it wasn't Alice but Winston Smith who fell through the looking glass after all.

The only racism in this campaign originates directly from the Obama camp...I guess they think we're stupid and don't get how THAT kind of manuever works...right out of the Rovian playbook no less but speaking of - how come he's not behind bars yet? Pelosi, you have any idea why that might be? How about you, Reid? You know? Ah, but I digress...

The fix is in. Remember that. And one more thing - if you still buy into the thought that our elections are legitimate, think again. And I ain't talkin' voter fraud here...and if you think this Wall St bailout is unrelated, think again. Anddddd, if you think that what you're seeing played out for you on the media stage reflects the truth about our government, think long and hard. Because in case you haven't figured it out yet, we're on the cusp of finally realizing the New World Order that (surprise, surprise!) was all nicely laid out for you when the new "Founders" published it on their website. Google it. Project for a New American Century (which you SHOULD have done YEARS ago. Then, check a little more history...a few buzzwords for you to knock around...Illuminati...Council of Foreign Relations - h/t to Senator Dodd....Skull and Bones - hey, Kerry, remember THAT joke? The Trilateral Commission -And, once you follow the yellow brick road there, since the typical American does better with all things video, go check out the Google movie, "Esoteric Agenda" if it's not too much trouble. Do I sound angry? Oh, you BET I'm angry...I'M FURIOUS...FURIOUS that this massive lie has been perpetrated not only on American people but people all over the world who see what's happening in this now subtley introduced to you new term "Global Economic Crisis."

Come on, people, open your damn eyes for once - if it takes your pocketbook to finally get you to notice, well, I suppose that's at the very least, a good thing - but what a crying shame that it had to come to that rather than a search for truth....Oh, one more observation for ya...How come in the midst of this so-called crisis, none of the media are questioning the BILLIONS of dollars being spent in that longggggg forgotten occupation in Iraq? Jus' wondrin'. Howz that surge goin', Petraeus? Anyone? Is ANYONE there???

Breaking News: Obama Won Tonight's Debate!

I have an idea...why not just cancel the elections, since they're fake anyway, go on ahead and just annoint "The One," and throw the money that would have been spent back to the "taxpayers" - it could as least prolong the World Game for a few more rounds, no???

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