Friday, January 15, 2010

Beam "US" UP, Scotty!

Listen, Neighbors to the North here....HELP US!!!  Help get YOUR Senate seat, not "Ted Kennedy's seat" back to where it belongs - in YOUR hands!!! 

We'll forgive you for giving Coakley the lead early on but you sure showed David Gergen a thing or two when you heard Scott Brown correct that insipid bloviator by informing him who owns YOUR Senate seat!  WTG, Mr. Brown!  Gimme a sharp, intelligent, quick on the draw (no, not "take," Martha) straight-talking, Constitution fan ANY day of the week over the same old, same old, once again same old back door, wheelin', dealin' smilin' magician who's reachin' in your pocket while showing you the shiny coin. 

Look, MA, CT just got rid of Dodd and the LEAST you can do is get one of OUR seats back into the hands of the people.  And just imagine, YOU can be the heroes of healthcare by destroying Reid's 60 vote majority with one cast of your ballot.  NO to Obamacare CAN be heard "around the world" and you can be the ones who make that in "We the People" style, not in you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours style those Congresscritters seem to love so much.

So our future, once again, is in hands of the very state that brought us THE Tea Party.  Do what is right.  I know you know what that is.  VOTE for Scott Brown for U.S. Senator - R.I.P. Teddy - because we have 100 senate seats, not 99 and Kennedy's and THAT'S how the system was MEANT to be.  YOU, MA friends, YOU can be the "hope and change" we need. 

In FOUR days, you can "fundamentally change" the future of this country -

I'd love to stay and chat but I must run - have to make a donation to Scott Brown and then a few phone calls. 


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Stephen R. Maloney said...

I loved your column, lively and readable. I also loved your picture -- you're cute. And your self-description/profile struck me as a portrait of Everywoman and Everyman. Take a bow.

Steve Maloney

P.S. Massachusetts, please pay attention to this CT woman.