Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bu-bye, Senator Dodd - and don't let the door......

Oh, Good Heavens, Senator Dodd, I sure hope it wasn't something I'd said!  *wink*

Here's what I'm going to give you credit for - having the class to know that the bell tolled for thee and to know when it's time to get out of Dodge.  I, was, however, deeply touched with your bucolic account of you standing on that hill on Christmas Eve reflecting on all the "good" deeds you and your buddy Teddy accomplished and oh, how wonderful it could have been if only you could have seen the look in his eyes after casting your historic vote for healthcare.   I nearly went through an entire box of tissues - after I PUKED all over myself!  Touching indeed.

Ya gotta love it folks, don't ya?  Even in the light of full sun these vile, corrupt Congresscritters will demonstrate the epitome of chutzpah in the way they view their "accomplishments" and "achievements" despite the fact that on that same occasion, Dodd, along with the rest of the bought and bribed Democratic thugs had just royally screwed us with their idea of healthcare reform.  And who now, with the promise of The One's "transparency," are once again going underground to hammer out the final nails in our coffins as they attempt to "reconcile" the bill between the House and Senate.  (oh, you forgot about that, bots?)  That the Anointed One even wanted the sessions televised?  I hear CSPAN ain't too happy about that, huh?  Funny...neither am I.

I have a lot more to say but I'm just going to enjoy the rest of the day, basking in the thought that there will be one less criminal in the Senate next cycle....but, don't worry, Rosa, we're comin' for you too.  Let me remind you once again...I was a former liberal Dem...not one of the "angry mob" your BFF Pelosi called those like me and trust me, I don't take to insults kindly when it comes to the love of my country.  Oh, and let me not be remiss and neglect to thank Senator Dorgan -D for joining the exodus - oh "yes we can" get rid of you thugs.  And, we shall.

Here's a nice little tribute to our hardworking Dems in closing.  Fare thee well, Christopher.  Hope a few more of your kind come to Jesus.


Dedicated to Patriot Rose!

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Patriot Rose said...

Thank you for dedicating this to me and my efforts to reclaim our Republic and defend our constitution. Watching Dodd not running again is thrilling. As a former liberal I have joined the Patriots who have the same outlook in life and in government. It is a pleasure to follow your work and to know you as well. You are a true blue Patriot!

Molon Labe,

Patriot Rose