Friday, January 29, 2010

Campaigner-In-Chief Teleprompts SOTU Address - Yawn

You'd think I'd have had something to say the last few days given the hoopla over the State of the Union address, wouldn't ya, huh?  Well, of course I'd thought about it and so sorry to disappoint but I really do have a good reason why I chose silence over sarcasm.  Odd from one always telling YOU to stay on top of things and do your research and blah blah blah but I really do have an excuse.  Well, several actually.

First, I know just where to go to get a transcript to read the Gospel According to Obama any time I wish.  So, that would have been my preference.  IF I wanted to know what he had to say when he went to the mountain top.  The trouble is, I don't.  Here's why.  I already knew it would be full of lies, spin, campaign rhetoric and frankly, the biggest reason is that looking at him, simply makes me sick.  Literally.  Gee, ya think it could have anything to do with the fact that he's been all over my TV every time I turn around?  Saturation to the nth degree?  I don't think so though.  It's more about the fact that I can't stomach to watch liars in progress and given how he sent his soldiers out to the Sunday road shows spinning the MA victory to something unrecognizable making it crystal clear that the folks in the White House STILL don't get it, I knew there would be no reason whatsoever to spend precious time watching this incompetent, inexperienced and arrogant charlatan having his ego pumped up by Ms. Purple Pelosi Jack in the Box publicly orgasming every time he gave her a special charge - her own personal "underwear bomber" for sure, assuming she WAS wearing any.  Is she mentally ill?  I mean it.  Is she?  Have you ever seen displays such as this?  Especially after the press had such fun mocking her last performance when the Messiah spoke to the sea of corruption before and behind him?  If I were him, I'd be worried her face was going to crack and shards of skin might pierce my back given WHATEVER it is she's done to her face.  What in the world is wrong with this woman who continues to ignore the voices of the people who have now in THREE states rejected the attempts to ram this dastardly health care plan down the throats of the majority who do NOT WANT THIS HEALTHCARE PLAN!!!   The few clips I was ambushed with confirmed that she'd learned nothing from her previous bizarre performances nor from the voters in Massachusetts.

And in those clips, I re-learned what I already knew.  He's absolutely tone deaf when it comes to healthcare (and anything else for that matter...marxists always are).  But interestingly enough, he devoted what, 4 or 5 sentences to it in order to pretend he gives a good damn about jobs and the economy.  That raising the debt ceiling?  How'd ya like that one?  I hear he dropped the jive talkin' he used when he addressed those poor people in Ohio (even though he told them he was in Michigan that none of the press picked up on surprise) but that's what happens when you step away from the teleprompter at town hall meetings....besides, they're much more effective to use in classrooms when addressing children, right?  God Almighty, America, don't you see it yet?  Don't you see what an enormous mistake was made in electing this 140 day Senator to solve the complex problems we faced prior TO his selection?  Though, rumor has it he made sure, once again, that everyone knew hey, none of this ain't MY fault yanno.  Guess he never heard of Harry Truman but then again, he also thinks he rules 57 states.   And thinks he's in Michigan when in Ohio.  And that he needs to apologize everywhere he goes for OUR country.  And preaches the Bible of Saul Alinsky...oh ya, be SURE and look THAT dude up.

Don't you bots get it yet that the spouse of Michelle Who Recently Is Proud of Her Country For The First Time is all smoke screens and mirrors?  Don't you get it yet that he's done nothing but spend, spend, spend and make promises he had NO intention of keeping?  Whatever happened to CSPAN?  Transparency?  Earmarks?  Healthcare (ya, remember universal?), the war(s), Guantanamo Bay, and on and on but why is it ok with you that when he lowers the bar even further, you still try to limbo under it even if it might pull off your own skin in the attempt?  The analyses and the exit polls PROVED that healthcare was the biggest reason for the Massachusetts Massacre and what do they say???  That people voted as they did because they "support" the President.  I kid you not.  Ask Robert Gibbs (his press secretary in case you don't know).  These are the kinds of people whom you could spit right in their faces and they'd tell you it was raining.  Which is fine.  But WHY do YOU buy into it?  Why are YOU content to let them continue to rob you, your children and your grandchildren blind and sit back and take it?  Do you really care so little about your country of birth or properly naturalized to that you let this go on right in front of your faces and don your sheepskins chanting All Hail Obama?  What in the world have we become here?  North Korea, Iran - saber rattling?  Hardly.  They KNOW we have a weak man in the White House.  They KNOW he's clueless about history and don't give me that Harvard crap.  When I see his transcripts which continue to be withheld I'll render an opinion on that.  When I think of all the times I laughed about Bush-isms only to learn that something worse would come along - when I think of seeing him reading "My Pet Goat" in a classroom, little did I ever think it would cross my mind whether he was reading it with or without a teleprompter. 

Look.  We DO have some hope here....just not his brand.  Our hope lies in the courage of the good people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who cried out in one voice against the agenda of this socialist, corrupt administration.  We CAN make him a one-term president who should be right at home with the likes of Jimmah Cahter and Bush '41.  Not only CAN, but we must.  And we must clean out the House....totally.  Good-bye Rosa DeLaura who sent out the most bizarre newsletter yet today saying absolutely nothing except how hard she's working to get that healthcare thing done.  Guess SHE wasn't paying attention to MA either.  But given she's Pelosi's BFF and quite the hostess in her DC diggs I'll be speaking about down the road, I'm not surprised.  They still don't get this is no longer about party but principle.  They still don't get that THEY work for US.  They still don't get that they have the lowest approval ratings in history and yet, they plow ahead, working for their pet corporations and lobbyists so they CAN hostess magnificent dinners that I'm sure any one of the homeless people in CT would love to have just one morsel of....ever notice the clothing they wear?  The jewelry?  The Brooks Bros. suits?  Are YOU wearing those kinds of things?  Do YOU have your own private jet to take you cross country with someone else paying for it?  Do YOU have a cadillac insurance plan that someone else is paying for while the rest of those you know are worried THEIR care will be denied them if their individual status on paper classifies them as a burden to society rather than a good little worker bee?  Ya, that's what I thought.

So, that's why I have nothing to say about the State of the Union.  Unless The One stood at the podium and said "My fellow Americans, the state of the union sucks," every teleprompted word he uttered was a lie.   And if you bought it, shame on you.  Shame on your ignorance.  Shame on your cowardice.  And shame on you for what you've done to your children.  And their children.  You deserve exactly what your Messiah plans to deliver you.  With zero right to complain.  Why?  Because it's your fault. 


P.S.  Hey, Malloy....what's up with the fixation on the looks of Republican men?  Maybe you ought to get that checked out.  Once upon a time, there was substance to your writings.  Boy, talk about psychobabble, huh?

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