Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glenn Beck vs. Mike Malloy

Oh, Mike, surely you don't want to expose yourself so clearly as you did with your observance of Senate-elect Brown's lovely physical attributes, do you? (see Mike Malloy blog today if interested - I don't recommend it though)  Is that the best you can dish after those "crazy tea-baggers" and "*f*ing people" of Massachusetts rejected your precious far left, progressive, marxist agenda?  You?  Let's see...what are you now?  67 is it?  Third marriage?  Job loss after job loss after job loss?  You really want to play THAT dirty?  Ah, but of course you do.  You thrive on tearing down those who disagree with you - which is fine since it's the living you've chosen - but when you abdicated your critical thinking skills, as you clearly did during the primaries as those of us still holding onto reason tried to warn you, you outted yourself in a most cowardly way - the politics of personal destruction.  And, lost all credibility...and my respect.  (not as though folks like you would care though)  I wonder when it is that far left liberals and progressives are going to wake up to the fact that the Dems are NOT the party of the underdog, of women, of discrimination but I guess that would only be possible once you're able to engage in greater analysis beyond criticizing those of the opposing party who just might be better looking and younger than you....oh, but do feel free to correct mr should I be unaware that Hustler's been knocking on your door all these years.  Or Playgirl. 

You see, Mike, as you know, I was a diehard fan...a REAL a matter of fact, my readers can check that right out in my archives when my signature line was a direct quote from you....I believe it went something like this:  "There is nothing worse than gangrene of soul."  Yes, that's right...and it was said on 1/20/2005 as you're quite free to check.  Gangrene of the soul.  I loved it.  But little did I ever think you were speaking autobiographically when you uttered those words.  My hero-worship was clearly misplaced and I won't be making THAT mistake again.  You. Are. A. Sell-out.

It's a shame because I really wanted to focus today on the positive things that occurred as a result of Massachusetts' historic victory for MY country - not so sure it applies to the country YOU desire given your "flying monkey" far left views but I just couldn't help myself after hearing of your hysterical rant last night.  And though it truly is my intention to dedicate a blog just for you when the spirit moves, it wasn't going to be today.  My "gangrene" hasn't spread that far yet - but yours?  Well, that's another story altogether.

Let me give you a little heads-up, Mike.  This kind of rhetoric, this kind of truly hateful speech isn't only in the province of your "right wing flying monkeys" - as a matter of fact, you've managed to take it way over the top more times than I can count and it's no longer any wonder to me why it is that the "Feds" tune into you every night.  Actually, I'm now glad they do.  You have become exactly what you mock.

I once considered you a brilliant, witty beyond belief, caring man and "watched your back" any chance I could.  But when it was clear to me that no matter how many of us "real" Democrats tried to warn you about Obama and your gangrene began to set in, I, and SO many of those you thought were your followers, walked.  And we don't like not only what you say, but how you say it.  You insult us.  Your arrogance appears to know no bounds.  So, though you may think you're some kind of oracle of truth, Mr. "Truthseeker," far from it.  Gee, good thing Air America fired you when they did, huh?  You'd be out of yet another job today. But I just wanted to be on record today calling you out on your filthy, dangerous, trash mouth. 

Oh, and don't worry...this isn't a "hit" piece on you.  I haven't even begun to collect my thoughts as to what I want to say about you and your brethren.  For now, I'm glad to say I'm not one of them any longer.  Know why?  Because I don't put party over country.  Ever. 

Ironically, you were right.  "There IS nothing worse than gangrene of the soul."  I hope it doesn't hurt too much, Mike.  Besides, there's always "Jack" for anesthesia purposes.

P.S. to Mr. Beck - Please don't showcase this 3rd string entertainer in the future.  You only lend him credibility where there is none.


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Steve said...

The Gallup Poll showed the SOTU speech didn't move him up even one percent in the polls. The Mike Malloys of the world are obsessed with keeping their ridiculous "status" with the America-hating Left. Period. There are all sorts of evil people in the world who would love to kill Mike Malloy -- al Qaeda and its friends. The "Mikes" are in denial about that, because they have a simple-minded worldview that bears no relation to reality. It's what sociologist David Reisman described as "conformity" in his long-ago book The Lonely Crowd. It's an "adult" version of what we see in teenagers, who feel they must dress, act, and think the way everyone else their age does. Mike thinks he's making outrageous statements, but it's only the specific forms of outrage accepted by his social group.