Sunday, January 27, 2008

Democrats like MSM picking our President!

Democrats voting for Hillary (DLC) and Obama the Snake Charmer clearly have taken leave of their senses, intellect and critical thinking skills when they indicate either of those two charlatans to be their candidate to "lead" the Democratic Party.

Here's why.

Though I myself will admit to a certain admiration for Mrs. Clinton throughout the years, to the point I even considered her a wonderful mentor for ALL women, she has taken no, not even a centrist turn, but a RIGHT turn over the past several years. Think I'm kiddin'? Then go look at her record. Look at her votes. Look at her donors. Look at what she says and doesn't say. (For MY record here, never expect me to do your research for you here...that is YOUR job.) In the face of what this country has been through under the bush regime, you would THINK that intelligent, educated voters would recognize that Hillary Clinton might be the CLOSEST thing to ANY traditional Republican ideologist we've ever seen...and that's fine...IF that's what YOU Democrats want. (sorry, Barack - Hillary was a Republican lover before you were) Just make sure you KNOW what you're voting for and if it's a Democrat you want in office, you better forget Hillary, whose husband was one of the "best Republican presidents we've ever had." - Randi Rhodes. Once upon a time, Hillary -yes. Not here. Not now.

Obama...WHAT are you Democrats THINKING here? Or ARE you? Tell me...WHAT do you know about his contributors? WHAT has he "done" though I keep reading about ALL that is...Oh, he voted against the war is it? Fine. Good. More power to him. But can you tell me why that in the face of that, he has CONTINUED to vote to FUND this war he's against? And don't give me that propaganda about cutting off the troops...won't work here. And while we're on THAT topic - how long did it take Hillary to barely even acquiesce that her vote on the war was a mistake??? That makes me feel realllll good...about BOTH of them. Right out of the starting gate, owning that his OWN vote was a MISTAKE, Edwards bested them both. I like it when my candidate demonstrates accountability and growth.

bush/Clinton/bush/possible Clinton. Ya - that's CHANGE all right. I wonder if Bill and Poppy worked it all out during one of their cozy missions of goodwill...come ON, Dems - can't you put 2 + 2 TOGETHER anymore???

Whose platform IS Obama's anyway? Looking closely at dates, it's clear that he's borrowed quite liberally from both Edwards AND Clinton. Change. Change from WHAT, Mr. Obama? WHAT have YOU got to hang your hat on here? When I DO look at your record, all I see is a mish-mosh of ideas taken from BOTH Hillary's and Edwards' proposals. I'm beginning to wonder if you have an original thought in your head at ALL! But, ya shur SOUND real purty, now. Whitened sepulchres look mighty fine too. (oh, sorry - yes, you'll need your Bible to reference THAT one. Hint: New Testament)

And please...enough re bad Mrs. Clinton's "attacks." You got right down into the mud trough with her. And if you don't like attacks, I HAVE to make the leap that you're ill-prepared for what's coming down the line and that's even BEFORE I mention Karl Rove who is undoubtedly LOVING this divisiveness between the two of you. Unless, of course...ahem...

I've seen some of the best Democratic minds over the past several weeks as they stumble over reasons as to why they want to endorse one over the other, give me SERIOUS pause as to what's happened to them that's causing them to abandon the good judgement, excellent analytical skills, sound reasoning and acute political savvy I expect from my peers. What's UP with that?

Even without the big pockets Hillary AND AND AND Obama are dipping into to finance their campaigns, John Edwards STILL managed to finish significantly above what the pundits told you to believe and that's with OUR money. And, with virtually NO coverage from MSM - remember them? The Corporate Corrupteds you used to rail against? What does that say to you?

It tells me we STILL have people among us unwillingly to follow the crowd; unwilling to sell out our values previously held simply to jump on a perceived winning bandwagon. It tells me that we have a FIGHTER here - and if he's "angry?" Well SO WHAT???? I'm ANGRY too...and if you were TRULY informed, YOU'D be angry as well. But for the life of me, it appears that MSM has been able to deter you from your original commitment to truth-seeking and making good, informed judgements.

Neither Hillary or Obama can win the general election. Go check the polls. But evidently, something's preventing you from grasping that when it is CRYSTAL clear that Edwards is the CLEANEST one we've got, the ONLY one putting his neck out there for US - the same "us" who used to believe in the values of the party of the working man. To support either one of them is to throw your vote away given what our old friends in the party of Rove have awaiting us. It's as simple as that.

I have to it bushworld side effects that are causing you to lose your way? Or, perhaps, and maybe even worse, could it be that the "sheeple" have been alive and well all along right here in our own backyard?

John Edwards is the ONLY one speaking against the things that are reallyyyyyy hurting you in your own lives whether you realize that or not. While Obama and Billary continue their scrapping in the schoolyard, it would serve you well to pay attention to the "only adult" on the playing field. Why, Dems, why do you continue to work against your own best interests to borrow again from Randi Rhodes?

And WHY are you letting the Mainstream Media choose America's president anyway? Didn't you all get this memo in 2000? Tell me - believe me, I'm listening here. I really want to know. Because what I'm seeing simply makes no sense to me assuming we all have access to the same information.

What IS it you don't understand? Those of us "patriots" who support Edwards will be more than happy to walk you through your illusions.

"There is nothing worse than gangrene of the soul." Mike Malloy 1/20/05

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Martin Luther King

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