Friday, January 25, 2008


But, sometimes, it's a matter of survival to consider the "unthinkable."

And sometimes, things we say in mild jest have a horrible way of returning to us in the form of a frightening, maddening reality. Know what I'm sayin'?

Moments like that are often marked by a visceral reaction...Upon realization that you may have thought or spoken of something you truly can't bear to consider in the conscious part of your brain and, hoping that maybe the very utterance of it will prevent a sick, cosmic jinx from occurring, you file it away and wish that for a time, you've staved off the monstrous, blood-curdling thought. It might be a one-time deal, or, it might be a recurring thought process this thinking of the "unthinkable." Nevertheless, when it washes or "re-washes" over you, your body sends out a red alert in the form of grisly, ice-cold fingers dancing up your spine or an entire colony of butterflies with squatters' rights laying claim to your stomach. Oh, I think you all probably know this experience - and probably wish you didn't.

As I wish right now.

Just a quick stroll through my archives here, titles alone, will acquaint new readers with my never-ending disgust, disdain and downright loathing toward CT's very own Senator Joseph I.(diot) LIE-berman - now known by self appointment as an"Independent Democrat." My psyche simply won't accommodate a review of the multitude of reasons for my scorn - call it a protective device - and, I'd like to hold on to the little bit of sanity that DOES remain having lived in bushworld for 7+ long, SO VERY long years now. At times when I've really thought that things couldn't possibly get worse, I've always had Holy Joe around to remind me that indeed, they can. And they did. And, if I just hadn't thought one of those thoughts that SHOULD have just perished, maybe I wouldn't have to raise this alarm again.

I said it in wry jest at the time - months ago. Folks laughed. Hey, so did I!

But, I'm not laughing now. Especially since I've seen the same spectral thought just beginning to float around other blogs.

McCain. Lieberman. McCain. Lieberman. McCain. Lieberman...come on..say it with me now....McCain. Lieberman. McCain. Lieberman..anything coming to mind yet?

For those of you not already sickened enough by the thought of Pillsbury Doughboy McCain's peculiar, to say the least, embracing of The Decider on stage following a most brutal and vicious attack/smear/whisper campaign on his family engineered by "bush's Brain" the LAST time 70 year old McCain tried to work out his pathology on the American people, FOREVER nullifying McCain supporters' claim that he's a man of "honor," try on the visual of Lieberman standing by his side as he announces his running mate.

Sorry. I should have warned you. Does the thought disgust and repulse you the way it does me? And that's WITHOUT considering the ramifications of it all. We're simply talking "thought" here.

Some days, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Can someone throw me a blankie please?

"There is nothing worse than gangrene of the soul."Mike Malloy 1/20/05

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mary.

I needed to read aloud from somewhere out there in our great country that someone else also believed that a McCain/Lieberman ticket is the worst possible outcome of the 2008 Election.