Friday, January 18, 2008

Flim Flam Obama Man

Well, Senator Obama, "there you go again." You just can't seem to get out of your own way, can you?!

After it became crystal clear to me that your candidacy, regardless of your so-called "visionary speeches," lacks substance, leadership, originality and a concrete plan I could sink my teeth into, a picture of such transparency emerged that I'd speculate that even typical, uninformed Americans (hopefully awakening) could recognize your platform as a classic smoke screens 'n mirrors act. IF paying attention. And, I'm being nice.

I've been watching you comport yourself quite keenly. Those of us, who take our responsibility of choosing our leaders carefully, often do. You came bounding out onto the stage in Boston, MA, at the Democratic National Convention, handsome, open, a sight for our sore eyes. And there you were; full of promise, for All of us. Who could NOT have been moved and inspired by your motivational message that promised us a light in the darkness, and hope vs. despair? I liked you. A lot. Then.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I still do like you. I'd like ANY of our talented Democrats over ANY Republican ANY day of the week. But, here are a few things I DON'T like.

I don't like the naivete you demonstrate when you think that political correctness trumps the realities we face ahead in going head to toe with filthy, smarmy, lying "swiftboaters" who are already gunning their engines waiting to "attack" you or ANY Democratic candidate without mercy until they're SURE that they've got MSM aboard for the ride. Do you REALLY think that they might give you a pass - perhaps because they're too worried about the ramifications of dragging race into their hulls maybe? Take a look around you, Senator. They already have. And while I'm on the topic - does the name Karl Rove mean anything to you? I'd bet it does. But maybe not for the same reason I cite him here. Assuming you are NOT a manifestation and result of one of his ever-reaching, never-ending talons, I'd suggest you have one of your staffers give you a quick update on the author of the "New and Revised Classic Dirty Tricksters 101." Aka: 'bush's Brain.' Might serve you well.

I don't like that through careful research and comparison of candidate records, I've discovered that there again, your plan is void of concreteness, unlike Senator Edwards' illuminates and details. In fact, MUCH of what you speak to is not only AFTER the fact, but is taken directly from Edwards' playbook. Come on, Senator Obama. We're not stupid here! We can read. We can tell time. We can compare voting records, research money trails and distinguish one from the other. Really, we can.

And we do.

I find nothing terribly focused on your webpages, nor, in your spoken words. Oh, sure, I find lots of Mr. Nice-Guy talk which is lovely indeed. In fact, if I were like many other Amurkins right now, I'd be supporting you simply because I might "enjoy a beer with you." Or tea. But, I'm not.

Or, if I were like many other Americans, I might decide to back or NOT back you based on race, color, gender or creed. But, you see, Senator Obama, when I'm deciding who it is I will support to be the President of the United States (not to be confused with the current Supreme Court appointed squatter in our White House), I'm looking to find one who will talk the tough talk, walk the straight walk DIRECTLY to the problems we face. And oh, yes, one more thing...I DO want someone who is organized - certainly not the portrait you painted for us at the last debate per your own words. Visions of you appearing on Inauguration Day with "post-it notes" stuck all over your new Brooks Brothers' suit frightened me more than most of your attempts to show us who you really are. If you can't prioritize CRITICALLY, IMMEDIATELY, demonstrating EXCELLENT command of all factors necessary for successful decision making and leadership, well, I'm sorry - you're simply not the man, woman, black, white, gay, lesbian, Christian, atheist, or WHATEVER for me.

But you know what REALLY gassed me, Senator?

Ronald Reagan.

What, Senator Obama, what in Planet Earth's name were you thinking????

Or, let me rephrase that....WERE you thinking when you cited him as an agent of change yesterday? Do you know your HISTORY???

And no, your attempt at spin did not work with me. Sorry. It just didn't.

Wanna know my GREATEST concern, Senator Obama? Something very deep inside me, call it intuition if you will, tells me that you are not who you say you are.

In fact, Barack Obama, WHO are you?

Hmmmmmm. I wonder.

"There is nothing worse than gangrene of the soul."Mike Malloy 1/20/05


Anonymous said...

Very well said, Mary.

What surprised me is that Obama made a concerted effort to choose Ronald Reagan out of all presidents, flat out excluding any Democrats. What's that all about?

Anonymous said...


Mary said...

Look's like one a 'dem 'murikans can read!

It's ok..go back to your nap.

Well continue to work while you sleep. Count on it.

Anonymous said...

I can attest union was destroyed with American Airlines after Reagan destroyed took many years for we employees to re-organize..we were put on two pay scales..which is still in effect to this day..

to this day people starting to work for American Airlines as a flight attendant make less than i started at in 1970!

I resent Obama's refernece to wanting to be like Reagan..i hope i never hear his name again for the destruction Reagan did to the American worker!