Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh, Senator Lieberman, Where Are You?

Let me take a quick break from explaining the hundreds of reasons why John Edwards is the ONLY candidate who can lead us out of this nightmare George W. bush and Company and check in a bit with CT's finest "Independent Democrat," a real "party" animal, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman.

Today, as those of you responsible citizens already know, is a critical vote on the FISA bill...and please, if you need an explanation of that at this point, do yourself a favor and stop reading right here because you're not going to find it. You should already KNOW. In any event, because we have a Senate full of DINOS - "Democrats In Name Only," it is our job as citizens to make sure we watch these nimble- footed folks whose feet so artfully slide across the aisle where they join their "friends" from bushCo in continuing the destruction of our democracy.

Given that Senator Lieberman's shoes have been known to be EXTRA- specially treated with snake oil, I thought it might be a good day to check up on his activities - already knowing of course that CT's business has been on the back burner while our good Senator Lieberman performs a different kind of soft-shoe for "Maverick" McCain.

It must be said, in fairness and truth, that Senator Lieberman, despite our MANY differences, does know how to pick respectful and professional staff. Hat's off to them for putting up with callers such as lil' ol' me. It CAN'T be easy.


Believe it or not, I'm gonna give Senator Joe a break here. Or, let's call it the benefit of the doubt perhaps.

And that is because I'm unable to rail against him, one of my favorite past-times as most of my readers know, simply because I could find no information about how he intends to vote!!! Imagine that!

I did learn, after much angst on the other side of the call to his D.C office, that indeed, Mr. Lieberman IS intending to appear on the Senator floor to vote on the FISA legislation today. When? Well, that's anyone's guess.

I did learn that there's a possibility of a press release that might give us a glimpse as to which side of the aisle Senator Lieberman's shoes will wind up today. However, I was assured that content of said release, remains unknown at this time. Well, hey, that's ok - it's only near 2 p.m. here on the East Coast - why should we EXPECT anyone to have a position on the violation of our rights at this hour?

So, I'm cutting you a break here, Senator Lieberman.

I'm going to hope that in good faith, that you are going to do the right thing and support our "other" senator, Christopher Dodd, in, if need be, filibustering the vote for cloture on this dastardly piece of legislation that you already know is illegal and that you already know is just one more sordid example of how these criminals are attempting to further chip away at our fundamental rights of privacy in the United States of AMERICA!!!

Senator Lieberman? I call upon you to do the right thing.


P.S. And YOU, Senator Obama, are NO John Kennedy. Or Robert Kennedy.

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