Thursday, May 12, 2005

Farmacy Fanatics

With great pleasure and utmost respect for her brillance and literary expertise, it is my honor to post this entry from a very special friend and talented writer, Joann from

The latest trend of pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions of birth control pills on "moral grounds" should be denounced on "medical grounds". These medications are prescribed by doctors who are aware of the patient's medical condition. While the primary reason is to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, which in some cases could endanger the mother's health, there are other reasons for which a doctor may prescribe "the pill" which include:

~dysmenorrhea (painful periods)
~reducing abnormally heavy menstrual flow which can lead to anemia
~maintaining bone mineral density
~lowering the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease by improving the cervical mucous barrier against bacteria

A pharmacist's knowledge of drugs and solutions is not a substitute for a medical degree. A pharmacist who is not familiar with the other conditions treated by "birth control pills" besides their use for contraception or refuses to fill a prescription that is not in conflict with other medications should not be allowed to continue to have a license to practice. The Radical Religious Right have no "right" to endanger women's health on moral or any other grounds.

Thank you, Joann. I could not agree more.

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