Sunday, May 08, 2005

When Does it Become All Too Much?

How long will it take before we each have had enough?

When will we act on what we know?

What's it going to take, to fix this foul mistake?

When does it become too all too much?

From The Daily Kos:

If your representative has not signed the Conyers letter below, please contact them and ask them to do so regardless of their political Party.See my diary here: .

I call on Al Gore, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and every other Democrat and American of conscience to stop twiddling their thumbs on this and playing it safe by giving safe speeches for groups and taking on issues that are safe that ignore the clear and present danger to our Democracy- GEORGE W. BUSH AND HIS ENTIRE CABINET. There is no more time to lose. I don't give a damn about the "perception." I don't give a damn that an election is coming. WHAT THE HELL good is it anyway if Democrats and other Americans will only once again roll over and allow them to steal it?

THE EVIDENCE FOR THE WAR IN IRAQ WAS FIXED. Innocent people DIED and are still dying because of this DELIBERATE DECEPTION that is a violation of our constitution, and all human decency. I am sick of watching daily while these people continually get away with sucking the marrow out of this country.Where is the Democrat and especially REPUBLICAN who will stand up to this HIGH CRIME against the American people and start the ball rolling on the impeachment that MUST BE DONE?And what is wrong with Americans out here? For all of the talk there is NO WALK.

Just what would have to happen to be enough to impeach?What of our leaders? Is your precious political grandstanding and USING the suffering of people to position yourselves for another Presidential run more important than avenging these crimes? There is a CLEAR constitutional process that was outlined by our Founding Fathers in cases like this. I cannot see a more necessary use of it, than having an UNELECTED pResident who has used and abused the office of the Presidency for personal gain over the needs and will of the people, and thus LYING to them and willfully deceiving them to get to those ends face accountability and justice. We owe no less to ourselves, our children, and our country, no matter what it takes to see that justice according to the very constitution he has violated is served.WHERE IS YOUR LOVE FOR THIS COUNTRY?

Representative John Conyers did write a letter asking Bush questions on this very memo (THANK YOU), and 88 members of Congress so far have signed it. ( I will add his posting from dkos here to be seen.)

They steal an election ( perhaps even two) and GET AWAY WITH IT.They extort our tax dollars for personal use, and THEY GET AWAY WITH IT.They obfuscate and refuse to answer questions on the most heinous attack on our country, AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT.They continute to abuse the constitution for their own purposes, and THEY GET AWAY WITH IT.They perpetuate war crimes and murder based on fixed evidence to get us into a war, AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT?This memo needs to be sent to every media outlet, and Americans need to wake the hell up.

Again, I urge Democrats and statesmen like Al Gore, Howard Dean, and others to speak out about this, and to call for justice. Mr. Gore has always been a leader, and has been the one man to call Bush out on his lies. This is no time to be silent. If you all put your country first, THEN THIS IS THE TIME TO SHOW IT.Impeachment is the only way to go about this, and perhaps to even cause Bush to have to resign. Then he must be put on trial for crimes against the American people and humanity.

Oh, and the British people need to get going as well, because Tony Blair is no better. He then must have known the evidence was fixed as well, and must not escape responsibility and accountability for his actions.This is not a matter of politics, it is a matter of PRINCIPLE. If we as a people allow them to get away with this, there is then no turning back and there is NO REGAINING OUR SOUL as a nation.Therefore, what say you, those who read this? Is this just something to read to pass your time, or are you really going to get up and do something about these people who have betrayed you and this country?


Michael Moore said...

energy policy?

I didn't know how else to get in contact with you, and the article made me think of you, especially when they talk about how ridiculous his whole nuclear proposal seems.

~Michael Moore (no... not the film maker)

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