Saturday, May 14, 2005

Profaned and blamed

Reuters -

"We want Muslims around the world to know that we share and understand the concerns that they have. We are also saddened about the loss of life because of these demonstrations turning violent," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

Scott McClellan is a lying, arrogant, mush-faced, mealy- mouthed, glazed-over, stepfordized mistake of aging, genetic protoplasm that produced something inhuman.

Newsweek reported that interrogators at Guantanamo Bay defaced the Koran, adding to the list of abominations that have been committed in your name and mine, fellow citizen, in your name and mine.

I don't care what religion or lack of you embrace; an act like this is an insult that's nearly indescribable by whatever group is being mocked. Imagine for a moment the reaction of the Bible-bangin', gun totin' "Christians" should the US have learned that the Bible had been ripped into shreds or burned to a crisp on any Main Street in Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan or Gaza?

To borrow a phrase from the gasbag, blowhard addict of the airwaves, "this is big, folks." This disgusting report even required a response from Scotty, Rummy's gang, and Condi herself with a formal apology from the USA being sought by those offended. And there are plenty- pretty much the whole world by now. The squatters living on Pennsylvania Avenue seem to be scrambling a bit trying to form a proper response while Sister Rice urges everyone to "be calm." So, let me ask you, are you still "with 'im or agin 'im?"

Well, brethren, all I can say is the debt, and I don't mean the deficit, has made a giant step closer to the karmic demand for retribution and the time for the piper to be paid is nearly at hand. The US has become the pariah in the world community and once the cauldron boils over, words like superpower freedom and democracy will become meaningless.

Again I ask, fellow citizens, what's it gonna take?

Oh, ya, that's right.."the answer is blowin' in the wind."

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