Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Height of Arrogance

I see in today's "news" (tongue in cheek) that our fearless leader is nudging "Vladimir" over the horrors the Soviet Union perpetrated on others during the Cold War and in almost the same breath, praising the USA for essentially being the world's superhero in tearing "down that wall" to borrow from the late actor bush would like us to think is his mentor. HA! Being a fan of neither, the question to be begged is...

Who does this bantam cock rooster think he is??? How long is it going to be before the rest of the world reaches its tipping point and takes action against us? Hello, there, Iran! How ya doin', North Korea? The filth and the lies that come out of this administration almost pale in comparison to the arrogance that emanates from this dangerous, visibly disturbed, little man who struts around the world stage forcing the PNAC mission down the throats of other countries. He and his minions are hellbent on destroying whatever we have left of our democracy and he has the unmitigated gall to tell others how they should run their countries? And their press of all things??? No one on the face of this planet has done more to destroy freedom in the way this godless little tyrant has and only those who's heads aren't full of "Survivor," "The Apprentice," and "American Idol" are able to see what this monstrous administration is doing.

We ARE no better than anyone else. We are ALL God's children and no, we are not blessed more than any other country. Our so-called freedom is but an illusion and it will not be much longer before Truth will come to dispel and destroy. You think it won't or can't happen? Consult the chapter and verse in your Good Book on the moneychangers in the temple before you settle back smugly into your ignorance and oblivion in front of your God, the Almighty TV.

Hope you've all got your fallout shelters up to snuff - see the Department of Homeland Security for the latest recommendations. And meanwhile, God HELP us, Everyone.

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