Monday, May 09, 2005

Time to retire, Russert!!!

In addition to other juicy tidbits such as the statement that Pakistani intelligence may know bin Laden's whereabouts, former CIA officer Gary Schroen offered "Meet the O-Pressed" Tim Russert one of the most heinous, barbaric and despicable claims I've heard to date. According to Mr. Schroen, our installed resident of the White House declared during the time he WAS "thinking about bin laden," that he wanted his head brought back to him packed in dry ice and on a pike.

But as revolting as that was, even more repulsive was Russert's "hardball" follow-up question. Though he could have taken that revelation anywhere he'd wanted to, this once respected member of the media known for his fairness and ability to ask strong, direct questions, raised his quirky eyebrow over his perennial surprised looking eyes and queried:

"Where would you get the dry ice in Afghanistan???"

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