Sunday, August 13, 2006

Media ignoring Ned Lamont? Surely not!

Well, thanks and appreciation to you, and Greg Sargent.

So no, we won't ignore this here. I think it's more than a bit safe to assume that we can FORGET the media here in CT. It will be interesting though, to see if any of the papers now change their endorsements. I wouldn't hold my breath though since KKKarl Rove's ridden into town on the back of a dying donkey but, stranger things have happened.

By the way, Senator Lieberman, have I told you yet today how ashamed of you I am? You could have at least PRETENDED to be a Democrat for a few more days, no? Might have given your claim as party royalty a bit more credibility, don't you think?

Just a tip from a psych nurse - when making large transitions in life, it's always good we prepare ourselves psychologically for the change in the best ways we can, which usually means it's the little things that matter. It might be a good idea to get out some paper and that pen that's probably dry from all the autograph demands you've had, refill the cartridge and start practicing this:

Mr. Joseph I. Lieberman.
Mr. Joseph Lieberman.
Joe Lieberman.
Joseph Lieberman.
J.I. Lieberman.
J. Lieberman.

Do a separate sheet for each. You never know what audience you'll be playing to.

That's your assignment for today.

Your friend,


CT-SEN: Media Ignores Lamont Demand For "Hack" Charge Apology
By Greg Sargent | bio
This is interesting. Yesterday Ned Lamont's campaign sent out a press release demanding an apology from Joe Lieberman's campaign for charging that Lamont supporters hacked Lieberman's Web site, causing it to shut down.

Now, you may recall that when the Lieberman camp made the charge, it was covered extensively by the major news orgs and networks -- on election day, when it could have influenced the outcome -- even though the Lieberman campaign had exactly zero evidence for the charge. Yet I can't find a single word today from any of the big news orgs about the Lamont campaign's demand for an apology. Given the maximum exposure they gave Lieberman's charges, are the news orgs really going to take a pass on covering this?

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