Sunday, August 20, 2006

LieberLover Jim Amann: Show Us Who You Are!

You are on notice, Mr. Amann. We, the voters of Connecticut, have spoken. Now, are you going to listen???

Dear Mr. Amann,

I have been a Democrat my entire life - in fact, I began my political work in Milford during Joel Baldwin's successful campaign for mayor. I was subsequently appointed to the Milford Public Library Board as a member of the Democratic Town Committee; I served on the Building Committee and my name is one of those engraved on the cornerstone.

Now, let me advise you of a few things and please pardon what might appear to be my anger; because indeed, I am justifiably angry with you.

When you are a state representative, it is your duty to support the will of the people of your party. On primary night, the will of the Democrats was clearly expressed by delivering the vote for Ned Lamont. The voters have spoken loudly and clearly but I fear your personal loyalties are clouding your judgement on a personal level rather than professional. This is very disturbing. Believe me, I know how politics work.

For you to continue to support him is to do the same thing that he is doing, making a mockery of the decision we, the people of CT made and vicariously, that means you, too, have deserted your constituency. For that sir, there will be accountability. I trust you are aware that even Nancy DiNardo, party chairwoman, has done the only right thing and is now supporting Mr. Lamont?

Despite what the no such thing as "liberal" media would have us believe, that this was a referendum on the war exclusively, I have a big surprise for you: that is not the truth. Those of us who have worked tirelessly to rid ourselves of Zell Miller Democrats, KNOW Joe Lieberman's record and we KNOW the issues he has abandoned us on and though the war is ONE of them, it is far from the only issue. I will be most happy to provide you with that information should you be unaware of the real issues that forced this primary.

What Joe Lieberman, and you by association, are doing is the most destructive, divisive and disingenuous maneuver I have ever seen attempted in all my years of following politics. Zell Miller is a saint compared to what Lieberman is doing and I guarantee you, that should you continue to support this traitor to our party, we will not only lose a senate seat, but three other candidates' chances to win will be placed in serious jeopardy. Are you, in fact, a closet Republican who thinks it's ok for Karl Rove to unleash his minions into MY beloved state and run Lieberman's campaign from here on out? Where were you when John Edwards came here on Thursday?? Are you not a real Democrat? Are you in fact wanting to see CT turn red which thereby ultimately puts your OWN seat in jeopardy? Because that is exactly what's going to happen once Rove is done with his dirty work. Are you paying attention to Joe's new campaign advisors and where they come from??? If so, I find it very disturbing to think that you would continue to support a man who made sure that Sammy Alito and John Roberts are now controlling our Supreme Court, who you can count on NEVER to vote for a Democratic issue again. Don't you KNOW who these people are??? Do you not study national politics as you should being a state rep??? Because if you did, you would understand the nature of the dangers we face with this illicit administration in office and those dangers confront ALL of us, regardless of party affiliation.

Now, let me make myself very clear here. I am expecting to see a statement from you very soon that you are doing the right thing as a Democratic State Representative. You MUST honor the will of your party and support the candidate chosen by the voters of the State of CT whom YOU represent. Remember, lest you have forgotten, just who you work for. I am one of those "al Qaeda type" bloggers so defined by Dick Cheney based upon my vote. I have a lot of followers who read my blog and who, as you saw per the fake media, strongly influenced this race. Understand that I will take it as one of my personal causes to make sure that any current representative of our state who does not do his job in backing the candidate chosen by our own party will be a highly visible topic not only in my blog, but those of many others with whom I communicate.

Mr. Amann, this is about accountability, ethics and values. We are NOT going to put up with this kind of sellout and I guarantee you that the feet of all such politicos will be held to the fire and held accountable as we follow their questionable actions. Your support of Joe Lieberman is wrong, plain and simple, and I promise you that I will work tirelessly to make sure that politicians who dismiss the will of the people will find themselves just as much an outcast as Mr. Lieberman is.

I anxiously await your response which I will be including as a blog entry once you have stated your case as to why you would dismiss the integrity of the will of the people.


Mary ****

PS...My interest in Milford is because I grew up there and have many, many roots still there.

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You have a choice in 08.

Frank is amazingly intelligent, please consider him for your support so Milford has Intelligent leadership.

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