Monday, August 14, 2006

Mean, Mad LapDog Lieberman on the attack!

I hope you know what you're doing, Joe. Maybe through the years you've heard that no one likes attack ads and dirty politics...well, in case you're behind on my blog, I've warned you about Karl Rove and if you keep it up, just go on ahead and throw your past good reputation out the window.

Was it really appropriate for you to attack Bernie Sanders, no less? Kos doesn't surprise me...after all, we know how you feel about those radical left wing bloggers who are bringing about another 9/11. Attack ads ALWAYS backfire, Joe...the American people actually do have morals and not only do we not care for those tactics, but, we also don't care much for traitors and losers who refuse to lie down.

Get out of the race, Joe. Please, get out of the race. You're on the verge of destroying any semblance of dignity you may have possessed in the early days. Visciousness doesn't become a Holy man - isn't that you? Would your rabbi be proud of you to know the kinds of tactics KKKarl is teaching you now you're embracing? Come on, the right thing, GET OUT...and please see the article below, courtesy of David Sirota, one of the voices of truth out here in Cyberspace, the Land that you Loathe. Enjoy! Oh, in case you don't know who he is, turn into the "debate" he had with Ms. Godless Coulter, whose praises you'll soon be singing in no time if you stick with the crowd you're running with.

Get out, Joe. Just get out.

Lieberman Viciously Attacks Bernie Sanders; GOP Rewards Him With Cash

By David Sirota

Connecticut's Manchester Journal Inquirer reports that Sen. Joe
Lieberman today unleashed a vicious attack on Vermont Independent
Congressman Bernie Sanders - a longtime progressive hero and the
leading candidate to keep Vermont's U.S. Senate seat out of GOP
hands. According to the newspaper, the Lieberman campaign sent out an
official email attacking, among others, Sanders and Markos Moulitsas
Zuniga, founder of DailyKos.

From now on, I am going to be referring to Joe Lieberman as De Facto
GOP Nominee Joe Lieberman and I urge everyone else covering this race
- bloggers, reporters, columnists - to do so in the interest not of
partisanship, but out of respect for objective accuracy. Over the
last few days, it's very clear that is what Lieberman is. RNC
Chairman Ken Mehlman is refusing to endorse the actual GOP nominee in
Connecticut, and is instead heaping praise on Lieberman. Same thing
for the White House, which is also refusing to endorse the actual GOP
nominee in Connecticut. Lieberman has been telephoned with a
supportive call from Karl Rove, GOP candidates accross the country
are rallying to endorse him, and a Swift Boat Vets-ish front-group
run by neocon leader William Kristol and Bush Iraq War spokesman Dan
Senor is beginning to air ads on behalf of Lieberman. Meanwhile,
Lieberman is parroting Vice President Cheney's talking points overtly
implying that Connecticut voters are Al Qaeda sympathizers, and now
attacking leading U.S. Senate candidates necessary to win back the
Senate for Democrats.

But even if you don't believe Lieberman is the De Facto GOP Nominee
in Connecticut from all of that, consider this new MSNBC story about
GOP donors rallying to fund Lieberman's general election campaign:

"Quite willing to speak was Bruce Bialosky, a leading Republican
donor in California, who said he will raise more than $10,000 for
Lieberman....On Tuesday night, once Lamont had defeated Lieberman,
Bialosky sent an e-mail to the 2,000 people on his political list
'expressing my despair over Lieberman’s loss in the primary' and
making it clear he’d raise money for Lieberman’s independent bid.
'I’ve never seen such a tremendous response' from his list, Bialosky
said...A Republican campaign fund-raiser based in Washington, who
spoke on condition that he not be identified by name, said, 'There’s
a definite sense among a significant number of the Republicans who I
deal with that Joe Lieberman is a man of principle and a man we
should support.' This fund-raiser said he’ll contribute money to
Lieberman’s campaign and raise money for him."
This comes on top of the fact that, according to MSNBC, "a number of
corporate PACs, such as the National Beer Wholesalers' PAC, have
already given Lieberman the maximum amount permitted."

My favorite in the MSNBC story is the one supportive Democratic
fundraiser, Mitchell Berger, who said he's supporting Lieberman
because “He did a fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party two
years ago and raised a million dollars." Berger didn't mention that
Lieberman also headed down to Florida just weeks before the 2004
election, stood before Jewish audiences, attacked Sen. John Kerry (D)
and praised President Bush (R) on Israel issues - landing a big story
in the Palm Beach Post just before the vote. Wow, what a loyal
Democrat, huh?

But then, that's why Joe Lieberman is De Facto GOP Nominee Joe
Lieberman: because he and his friends like New Republic editor Marty
Peretz who refuse to openly support the idea of Democrats winning
Congress are really very angry, very hard core Republicans - and the
Republican Party's Big Money establishment knows it.

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