Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dear Mr. Vice President

I am an "Al Qaeda type" per the Lord of Darkness Cheney because:

*I voted for Ned Lamont - quick, FBI, lock me up!

*I gave Al Qaeda "exactly what they wanted." - When I do "give" gifts, I'm guilty of trying to give people exactly what they want - Christmas is such a trying time, you know?

*I am an "Al Qaeda type" because I belong to the Democratic Party and thus, I stand for a "wholesale retreat in the broader campaign of terrorism." Um, there might be more truth than poetry in that, Herr Cheney - I DO support the broader campaign against YOUR domestic terrorism you've wrought against the good people of the United States.

*I am a Terrorist of the kind who wishes to "break the will" of the 20% something of your followers who so blindly accept the lies and propaganda you've made a career of since you had to lick your wounds from your coveted Nixonian dreams of power that were dashed for obvious reasons. I hate the stupidity your 20% fans demonstrate.

*I am an "Al Qaeda type" because I voted against your little puppet Joe Lieberman who wants to "stay in the fight and complete the task" of destroying a country of innocents who do NOT threaten us either now or then with your lies that they possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. Joe likes lies and liars. I don't.

*I am an "AL Qaeda type" because I loathe people who politicize terror and who will do and say anything to impose the highest of terror alerts following a primary election where the voice of the people spoke and that speaking out happened to go against your evil agenda. We were just waiting to see what your retaliation would be and surprise...RED ALERT! RED ALERT! The planes are coming, the planes are coming!

*I am an "Al Qaeda type" because I rejoiced in Ned Lamont's victory over your sniveling, smarmy "presidential enabler" Holy Joe Lieberman which deprives you of one more gulp of blood you lust for in your campaign to rule the world. Yup. That's me. I believe in democracy.

*I am an "Al Qaeda type" because outing CIA agents is a threat to national security and it wasn't my handwriting that was found on the New York Times article on Valerie Plame.

*I am an "Al Qaeda type" because my facts and research inform me that we are NOT seeing the decline of insurgency as you tried to brainwash us into thinking that Iraq was not already engaged in a civil war. If that ain't civil war over there, then I'm whistlin' Dixie through my teeth that clench every time I even see your name. Raise the Union Jack and the Confederate Flag!

*I am an "Al Qaeda" type because I have not risen to the ranks of power which you've not only stolen, but have become the epitome of the Vice President OF Al Qaeda and if you aren't our very own homegrown terrorist supreme, then nothing is.

Look, Dick, you're outted, ok? Simple as that. You only make yourself look foolish or deranged when your needle appears to be stuck on your turntable. Are you SURE you're getting enough O2 to your brain? I find it difficult to believe that any supposedly rational and intelligent individual, evil though he or she may be, can publicly state the nonsense you and your minions echo mindlessly over and over again and expect that "Al Qaeda" types like me will to fall for it.

I am an American who LOVES my country and HATES those who try to do us harm. And that includes any who may live abroad or who occupy our sacred White House, Congress, and Judicial Branch. I will never stop speaking out against your crimes, NEVER, and if that makes me an "Al Qaeda type" who proudly voted for Ned Lamont, then so be it.

I thank you for the compliment.

Go "Cheney" yourself, okay?

MIKE MALLOY - 1/20/05

Click here: Ned Lamont for Senate

NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of the current President.

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Beachdancer said...

I just ran across this particular post..., A SUPERB COMMENTARY.

Please send it the vice president's office. Even if Sick Dick doesn't read it, his staff will. He needs to be told over and over again what a fear-monger he is. He's the NAZI playing games with Americans' lives.