Friday, August 11, 2006

Hey, Jove..oops, Rove and Joe..check this out!


allow an out-of-control, megalomanic, power thirsty at any cost, once respected, now disgraced Senator to disrupt and destroy the hope we have nourished and sustained that WE THE PEOPLE truly ARE this country and we will NOT accept his bid as a so-called "Independent Democrat." There's no such thing, It is ILLEGAL, you know, AGAINST THE LAW to use the name of either party when running as in Independent. Go ahead. Check it out. I spoke to the Secretary of State's office here in CT. He cannot have it both ways. Use your own eyes and ears to examine those in the media whom we can trust...they are speaking truth now...and use them to read the blogs and the newspapers on line that are turning against Lieberman...Not because it's a fun thing for them to do but because even THEY are fed up with the constant feeding of lies to us and are beginning to expose this administration for the horrors they have wrought upon our beautiful earth and all of life. Understand this if nothing else. The Republicans, with Karl Rove in charge, are engineering Lieberman's run.

Now, Mr. Rove, let me address a few things directly to you. You've made a mistake here. A serious, miscalculation, big political, strategic blunder here. It doesn't matter HOW much money and spin you put on Lieberman. We already know your gig and your style and the horrors you're cooking up in your little bag of dirty tricks. We will not accept this any longer because on Tuesday, Election Day, we delivered you a personal message. This is OUR country and you and your sick, evil agenda is being exposed as I write. You are going to have to face the truth, maybe for the first time in your life, who knows. I don't care. I have not the least bit of sympathy for the wretched life you've lived or for any excuses as to why you grew up to be such a diabolical man. Was it worth it? Are you all pumped up right now? Or are you scared? Are you frantically looking for a hidden way to gain back the very power you are losing now? Ok. Then come fact, no, let me rephrase that. 'BRING IT ON,' Roveboy. You're nuttin' but small potatoes to us. You don't scare us. You never did. We've sought and followed the truth of what you've done here and trust me. You ain't seen nuthing' yet.

But just one more thing and this is to you, Senator. Somewhere, deep down inside you, you were a really good guy and part of me feels very sad for you. But let me give you a bit of advice are playing with very dangerous people...just make sure you really know what you're getting yourself into, ok? You still have time to bolt. I know you don't like the way I've treated you but don't you remember? I invited you over for tea and you never replied! I can prove my previous writings...The invitation still stands.


elcymoo said...

I think you should withdraw that invitation to tea. Joe's obviously suffering from a severe case of bilious indigestion as a result of his repudiation by CT voters in this week's primary. I don't think even a case of Maalox could cure his dyspepsia, judging by the bile exhibited in his remarks about Lamont since then.

Synonyms within Context:
Context Synonyms within Context (source: adapted from Roget's Thesaurus).
Resentment Phrase: one's blood being up, one's back being up, one's monkey being up; fervens difficili bile jecur; the gorge rising, eyes flashing fire; the blood rising, the blood boiling; haeret lateri lethalis arundo; " beware the fury of a patient man "; furor arma ministrat; ira furor brevis est; quem Jupiter vult perdere dementat prius; "What, drunk with choler? ".

Excitement, irritation; warmth, bile, choler, ire, fume, pucker, dander, ferment, ebullition; towering passion, acharnement, angry mood, taking, pet, tiff, passion, fit, tantrums.

Cause anger, raise anger; affront, offend; give offense, give umbrage; anger; hurt the feelings; insult, discompose, fret, ruffle, nettle, huff, pique; excite; irritate, stir the blood, stir up bile; sting, sting to the quick; rile, provoke, chafe, wound, incense, inflame, enrage, aggravate, add fuel to the flame, fan into a flame, widen the breach, envenom, embitter, exasperate, infuriate, kindle wrath; stick in one's gizzard; rankle &e.; hit on the raw, rub on the raw, sting on the raw, strike on the raw.

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