Saturday, August 26, 2006

Let's chat, Joe...

Pluto's no longer a planet. Lieberman's no longer a "combatant." What does it portend, oh what might it mean in the world according to bush?

Pluto was a respected, well known planetary staple for all those educated prior to its recent demotion. Wasn't it always so cute in its diminutive condition? I mean, who didn't like Pluto! It was the baby of the family for heaven's sake...the "junior" of the group. Sure, it wasn't a dramatic Saturn with its willowy rings; nor was it a monolithic Jupiter, the big one you'd never mess with. All I can think in my attempt to understand this is that a fundamental truth emerges from within Pluto's demise: Indeed, size DOES matter after all.

So, Joe...what in the planetary system are you doing here? One day you're a Democrat, one day you're a whole party! Then you wish to caucus with Democrats - but you "campaign," yes, CAMPAIGN (ya, Jane, that one's for you!) with Republicans! And what's THIS about...Glory be do my eyes deceive me? The Hawk is changing course? Your lust for war has been satiated? Oh, I know, it's just a small thing, a concession "if you will" (I like to talk like Cheney sometimes and I KNOW it appeals to you.) You simply want a your Republican colleague..I forget his name...oh, right, Christopher Shays. I LOVE when political expediency reigns and oh Joe, I know you love it too! Who among us can't love an opportunist? Especially when it comes to life and death matters? Why, look at your donors - beneficiaries of the war machine! Of course you love opportunity - who wouldn't given your coffers they've stuffed.

But Joe - you're kinda walkin' a fine line now, aren't ya? You just might be construed as a "flip-flopper" and we KNOW how politically incorrect THAT is. Just ask your old ex-buddy Kerry.

Hey, Senator Kerry! I'm gonna give YOU a couple of points for your politics around your comments re your ex-Democratic senator buddy. Not enough, however, to get MY vote again but for now, nice job! I am a liberal and I like to give credit where it's due.

Now, back to you, Joe...Being so "in touch" with your consituents as you claim to be, surely you must have noticed that Ned's got the momentum? Come on, you KNOW it! You INVENTED it! Just like your "new" friends like to say that President Gore "invented the internet!" NED'S GOT THE MOMENTUM....but WORSE for you, Joe, NED'S GOT THE BUCKS NOW!!!

Use all your senses, Senator...take a look at what your constituents, the majority that is, are saying, and doing...and when you do, you'll see that the tides have turned against you. Forget about the reasons, Joe, you were never really a detail man. It is what it is. The people of Connecticut, YOUR state, Senator Lieberman, spoke to you on August 8th. So far, you're still unable to hear what they said. Let me try to rephrase it in a way that I think you might understand.

We, the People of Connecticut, registered DEMOCRATS, whom you have sworn to serve, have given you a message. The message was clear. You can't hear it right now because you're still in shock that you are about to lose the power you've coveted for the past 18 years.

Power isn't lasting, Senator, unless you use it properly, with respect and that that respect applies to others you encounter while the Power is in your hands. Senator, you have ABUSED your power and you have done so at the people of Connecticut's expense. You have betrayed the principles of the party you claim allegience to.

We've got some dead people here in CT, Joe, really, really dead...and they have families whose grief and pain can never be explained to anyone unless you've experienced it yourself. Your decisions, Joe, have caused those beautiful people to be dead and those families their eternally gaping wounds. Things like that are NEVER forgotten, Senator, trust me. I lost a child not through war but in love. I get their pain. But I don't get how they reconcile their loss based on known lies. My heart bleeds for them.

And when we take it a step beyond, and look at your un-WAVERING support for that war's continuance, speaking for myself, I'd love to grab you by the shoulders and shake you, screaming in your face, why, why, why did you let this happen?

Do the right thing, Joe. Some say you're a "religious" man. "Thou shalt not kill" seems like a pretty universal spiritual and moral concept, doesn't it, Joe? Get in touch with your conscience. Look back on your career. And ask yourself one question...What role have you played since 2000, when you covered your bases in the senate even then, how many of those lives are you responsible for and what, for mercy sakes are you prepared to tell the God you believe in? Far be it for me to presume to be able to judge any one else's conscience but oh wow, if it were mine? I'd be pretty tied up in THAT psychological quaqmire, that's for certain.

I have voted you the responsibility of speaking and standing up for the values I believed in. You did that for a time. That time was over in 2000...but in 2002, when you had the dignity and grace to drop out of the race, I applauded you. You had the integrity then, Senator, but you're mixed in with a whole different crowd now, Rovian folk. I beg you: remember your roots.

At this moment, you are on a precipice. A crossroads. Make the right decision, Senator Lieberman. Bow out of the race now while you can with that same dignity and grace you displayed in 2002. Do it, Joe. Your positive legacy will remain in tact. For the most part. The clock is ticking, Joe. Time is on your side this moment but that is about to change depending upon what you do at this crossroad.

I'd love to meet you, Senator, and have a cup of coffee with you. I know you're the one of the two of us who knows the diner scene so I'll leave the logistics to you. You name the diner and the time and I would be so delighted to share some coffee and some kibbutzing with you.

But, back to Pluto where I think I must have been living these past 6 years as my eyes and ears couldn't believe what I've been seeing devolve. I guess my questions all boil down to this: is if a planet is no longer called a planet, does it still make a sound?

It's time, Senator. It's time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary , It's Tom. That was a well-thought out , well written piece , and obviously came from your heart as well as your mind.
I wish Jiltin' Joe would actually read it - but again , he's demonstrated that he doesn't give a damn what we all think.

SaintsandSleuths said...

Interesting poll results from NYTimes last week. Americans give Democrats a 15 point edge over Republicans in November.

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August 23,2006

Security politics
Per the latest New York Times/CBS poll, 51% believe there is no link between Iraq and the broader anti-terror effort, an increase of 10 points since June. "Should the trend hold, the rising skepticism could present a political obstacle for Mr. Bush and his allies on Capitol Hill, who are making their record on terrorism a central element of the midterm election campaign." Also in the poll, Bush's approval rating is at 36%; 60% disapprove of Congress' job; and Democrats have a 15-point advantage in the generic ballot (47%-32%).

SaintsandSleuths said...

When I first read the article below, I thought I was being transported back into the Twilight Zone. The nightmarish game the GOP is playing in CT is that freaky.

CT's sacrificial lamb, Schlesinger, Republican for Senate.
"......It is important for Schlesinger to stay in the race; otherwise Lieberman will be seen as the real GOP candidate, and this would lose him critical support among some moderate Democrats. Schlesinger, a former mayor of Derby, CT, deserves honor and future support for his sacrificial candidacy.

If Lieberman dropped out, Schlesinger would likely lose by at least 20%, and some or all of the 3 GOP Congressmen would go down too. Lieberman’s run muddies the waters, and helps the GOP.

cont'd @
The American Thinker
Lamont, Lieberman and the GOP
August 27th, 2006

Mary said...

Saintsandsleuths, I was absolutely sickened when I read that article. Thanks so much for sharing - I certainly hope it is sent far and wide - I sent it off to the Lamont campaign as well, so many thanks. We've got to stay right on top of these monsters.

SaintsandSleuths said...

From the sleaze of Lieberman to the corruption by Bush, our country is facing perilous times.

An interesting article below by someone who knows Texas politics and George W. Bush as well as any and isn't afraid to voice the truth about how the Bush years have created far more turmoil for our country than any president in history.

"Where Bush's Arrogance Has Taken Us"

An illegal war, a long list of eroded rights, and a country run by and for the benefit of corporate campaign donors -- all courtesy of the imperial presidency.

By Jim Hightower

08/24/06 "Hightower Lowdown"

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