Monday, August 25, 2008

Calling All Republicans

Calling all Republicans

Let me give this to you straight just so we're clear and there's no confusion here.

I am not a Republican.

Never have been; never will be.

I am a registered Democrat. But because "Hope" tries to spring eternal in my heart, and I want to believe that real Democrats can take back our party from hysterical, vicious, brain dead, Far Left Freakoids, from Dean on down to the typical, lobamatized sychophants who worship a golden calf at the feet of swine, let me give you a bit of advice.

Even if, as I indulge the luxury of an assumption, you detest the Clintons, the best thing you folks can do is to reach out to her with respect - you know what that is, right? Yes, reach out to her and her supporters. Your new ad was a good start. Continue along those lines and here's why.

Clinton, though the Obama clones would prefer we all forget, received 18 million + votes before she put her campaign on hold. Recent polls indicate that Obama has failed to win those supporters over yet, even as he begins his final steps toward the sermon on his mount. By more than 50%.

That's a nice chunk of change, huh?

I can tell you unequivocally that these folks in the Democratic Party, who are sickened by merely thinking of all that led to the anointing of "The One," will NEVER drink the Kool-Aide, will NEVER come to "him" once "he speaks to them" and will NEVER hand over their brains for someone to fill with lies, propaganda and mass hypnosis. This "wing" of the Democratic Party refuses to allow others to think for us; refuses to put party over principle and refuses to accept the legitimacy of "The One" and that's without even raising the issues of the filthiest Democratic primary tactics I've ever witnessed.

These same folks can and will vote Republican in November. Not because they've had a sudden change of ideology, but because their consciences will not allow them to support the dastardly deeds of Dean and DLC thugs without ramifications. They may not like McCain but their rage at what's been done to their party is such that a message and a lesson is demanded here.

So long as McCain can knock off the war talk, maverick himself a little liberal lingo, stop making gaffes as he did last week w/the house issue (but did you notice that Obama can't count either? McCain simply didn't know how many houses he has; Obama thinks we have 57 states), learn and support the issues that will appeal to disenfranchised Dems, your guy's in.

Now come on here - surely I don't have to tell you how to run a campaign - but get the damn lists from the local registrar offices - send mail to them - call them.

Trust me. They CAN be won over. Most already are. But let's see you nail it, huh? Maybe for once, some Dems and Repubs can do some serious, important work together and make sure that this unvetted, inexperienced, empty policied for-sale to the highest bidder candidate does not get behind the wheel and drive. We've already had 8 years of that. As to Biden? A whole other story but one that clearly needs to be told by you folks.
One last thing. I don't fill my blog with massive links to other blogs though I endorse that highly. I simply choose what I see as the best in terms of truth-telling so, it is critical that you check in daily with the links to the right of what you're now reading. After 8 years of reading everything I could lay my eyes upon, these people are the best of the BEST. Read them. Several times a day - I'm only one person - they have massive amounts of material coming in by the hour even. Just read them.

Now get busy.

We'll help you.

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