Friday, August 01, 2008

Hey, Speaker Pelosi...before you leave on vacation?

Could you do me a favor, please?

I saw you on "The View" - fantastic jewelry - I'd LOVE to know your designer - but anyway, here's the thing....

You indicated that you'd put IMPEACHMENT back on the table (yes, that niggly little thing in the United States Constitution) IF you could find someone who could tell you what the "bush Crime Family" has done to deserve it.

So, I have a couple of names for you. In fact, I got the names from watching Conyers' not impeachment hearing last Friday, imagine that?

Here's three:

1. Elizabeth Holtzman - remember her from the Nixon impeachment? Oh, you're probably too young to recall I bet....

2. Bruce Fein - conservative Constitutional lawyer and author.

3. Vincent Bugliosi - prosecutor in the Charles Manson case and author of a wonderful book factually detailing all the impeachable offenses you might be able to wrap your arms around.

I KNOW you're busy...after all, it's not easy getting ready for a FIVE WEEK vacation from all the "hard werk" you do in that seamy steamy grand city you work in. But could you PLEASE give them a quick buzz? I really can't bear the thought that millions of Americans seem to know more than you do about impeachment - makes me kinda jittery, ya know?

Have a great vacation. And don't worry...the homeless, the uninsured, the foreclose-ees will still be here upon your return. I, on the other hand, will be busy doing all I can to work toward impeachment and to raise money for your nemesis, Cindy Sheehan. SHE doesn't have to call the folks I mentioned. She got it long ago.


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