Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Have a Voice at the Democratic Convention!

Well, ya, sure, if you think the Democratic Party still exists as we knew it, please follow the link below and complete the platform being presented to the traitorous Howard Dean and his Flying Monkey Left (h/t to Malloy)per the instructions below. These folks are right on the money and may be the last vestige of "hope" (not the Obamarama kind) that could make a difference in whether we HAVE the next "president" or the new Pastor of the United States of America.

Update from Murphy
Dear Puma PAC,

I heard tonight from someone who was in touch with big shots at the DNC (and
when I say big, I mean BIG). They are in a DITHER about our calls and letters -
an absolute dither. We cannot let up. Please complete every PROWL you receive
between now and Denver. Don't worry if it's late -- it is NEVER too late to make
your voice heard as a voter in the Democratic party and as an American citizen.

I'm asking you to PLEASE go to this site and complete the Virtual Platform
Survey. It is completely outside of the Obama- controlled DNC platform and will
HELP Hillary and her delegates have a voice in Denver. The results of the survey
will be delivered personally to Hillary in Pittsburgh this weekend.

Please go now and complete the survey. It takes about 90 seconds to complete.

Since we publicized this effort on "Murphy and Friends" on blogtalkradio on
Saturday, over 1,000 people filled out the survey. Our goal is to get 3,000
more by tonight (August 6th). Please help by filling it out and passing the
survey link along to everyone you know. You don't need to say it's a Puma
initiative (it's not!). It's simply another way for Democratic voters to be
heard by the Party.

Thank you so much for everything you are doing to keep our country safe for


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