Sunday, August 17, 2008

How Do YOU Spell I M P E A C H???

You know, I get so sick of saying it. Really.

And so sick that I have to. Really.

And I'm so sick that Obama has bamboozled most except those who pay attention. Really.

Pelosi needs to go. Really.

Howard Dean needs to go. Really.

We need a complete House and Senate cleaning. Really.

We need to WAKE UP. Really.

I'm on vacation but will try to keep up. Really.

And once again, info for you from friends of mine. Ya, John Conyers. Really.

You may have heard, on Friday on Democracy Now, with Amy Goodman, Chairman John Conyers, in a discussion of David Suskind's book with evidence of Bush lies, made the following comment: (quoting)

REP. JOHN CONYERS: ... The 110th Congress isn't over. We're starting our work, and then we're doing it in a period where the Congress is in recess.
I'm calling everybody back. "

Therefore, let us take him at his word: He "is" calling back the HJC to investigate and evaluate the charges in Suskind's book.

LET US HOLD the chairman's feet to the fire. Let us CALL, FAX, EMAIL every day, asking him to honor his word, call back the HJC to investigate and evaluate Bush's lies and violation, and then hold impeachment hearings on Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rumsfeld -- whoEVER may be culpable in the crimes Suskind has ennumerated.

Chairman Conyers: 202-225-5126.

Speaker Pelosi: 202-225-4965.

They may be "home" in their districts and not in their DC offices.

Still, we MUST make these calls and send these messages.

Rep. Maxine Waters yesterday re-iterated it is of UTMOST importance that the citizens rise up in HUGE numbers, and let their reps know what to do. She said (of us going to DC in Sept): It is very very important for citizens to let us know what they want, and what they want their reps to do.

We may assume our elected reps hear from us in adequate numbers. But if you were to be holding office, you may consider the numbers to be pithy, to say the least. They need to hear form HUGE numbers. Hopefully thousands of us --

So -- PLEASE. Make the calls, send the faxes and emails, and then pass the request along to everybody you know who might be capable of doing the same. As you know, we have a precious few days left for our voices to be heard. It it literally now or never. Do it today -- set aside 10 minutes.

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