Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hope, Change, Lies..and a Lady

I was just about to start my remarks with "I couldn't be more disgusted" but logic intervened and informed me that oh, "yes" I "can." The One still has not ascended to the mountain top so that stopped my thought dead to rights. Chillingly.

Though I'm boycotting this disgusting display of christ knows WHAT it is that's going on in Denver 'ceptin' knowing for certain that the concentration camps littering the city are functioning quite well as so are the police, in fine form, (assuming Blackwater folk aren't included among them..wouldn't want to not give credit where it's due of course), beat the living crap out of folks, some donned in pink, attempting courageously to exercise their former First Amendment rights, I still can't miss clips of it here or there that continue to do nothing except initiate my gag reflex.

America. Hello-o. It's ALL a sham. ALL OF IT. What is it you don't get about that now after all we've been through? Do you not want to puke as do I when I read about She Who Must Be Impeached Pelosi announcing the One Hundred plan? How 'bout our wonderful boxer, no, not you, Barbara, Harry Reid, the lily-livered coward aka Senate Majority Leader making claims he has no business entertaining even in is OWN delusional state? And there's more, oh, so much more.

If this week, a l o n e, has not convinced you that our Constitution, our party, our democracy, our entire understanding of what we thought we were living in the United Incorporated States of America, then, oh, have I got a bridge to sell you. In fact, I've got millions of bridges to sell you. And, pardon the pun, but they all do lead to nowhere. Well, maybe not nowhere, but at least to a place that I really don't think this country has any GRASP on what that place might be. Get. A. Grip. Americans.

And you, too, Kucinich. Nice of you to send out that "wake-up" call with which I certainly agree...but, Man of Peace, maybe YOU needed a little No-Doze because I didn't happen to read anywhere of what you did to stop the violence in the streets right down the road, happening right under the eyes of all those wonderful, hopeful, full of change Democratic leaders among whom not one, NOT ONE, has addressed what's going on right under your pinocchio noses.

Tell me, fellow Americans, do you see it? Not yet? You still believe that what you think is happening, the beginning of the process to elect a new president, is real? Because if you do, I will HAPPILY, WILLINGLY and DELIGHTFULLY accept the term crazy. I'd RATHER be crazy than believe in your reality. And nothing you are seeing is real.

Anyway, I had NO intention of writing - at all. I am so profoundly disgusted that words barely come to mind these days as I continue to mourn what most don't even realize they've already lost. My intention was simply this.

Last week, we DID suffer a loss. A terribly profound one that got little attention as I was waiting for this convention to be over almost as badly as I wanted Tim Russert's rock star funeral gala to be finished. And the sad reality is that while his passing did deserve mention, it is the death of Stephanie Tubbs-Jones that is the deepest loss we absorbed. So as I thought of her yet again today, wondering what I could possibly say by way of tribute to this larger than life leader, who had the courage to stand and object when her colleagues tried to sweep election fraud under the rug (again) during the ratification of the election before Corporate Congress in 2004, I decided that I couldn't do better than are Senator Clinton's remarks on this Lady, this Patriot, this Leader, this Woman of true strength and courage who graced the halls of the once meaningful, United States House of Representatives.

There is no peace here, Stephanie, nor will there ever be so long as we continue to operate under the fog of ignorance. For me, I will not rest. But you, Great Lady, rest in peace. I am beginning to think those are the only words and act of meaning.

Oh. One more thing. Does anyone happen to know whether or not there's a war going on?


Dear Mary,

Yesterday, we lost a colleague, a friend, an inspiration, and a champion for all of us. I am deeply saddened by the death of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones. She was my friend and my sister. She made me laugh, smile and fired up my spirit when I needed it most.

She had a light that shone for the world to see within her and a fighting spirit safely stowed behind her disarming smile. Stephanie had so much integrity and a fiery intelligence that enabled her to become a one-woman force for progress in our country.

Stephanie was a tireless worker, giving a voice to the voiceless and always combating injustice. Stephanie spent much of her life fighting for all Americans and to ensure that everyone had the most precious right - the right to vote.

All of us who were lucky enough to know her and love her can only strive to be as much like her as we can -- to be as passionate, as loyal, as hard-charging, and as joyful every single day.

Stephanie was one of a kind, and we will miss our friend forever.

My family's deepest condolences are with Stephanie's son, Mervyn, her family, and her many loved ones, friends, supporters, and her beloved Ohioans. It is during this tough time that we look back and remember all the memories and blessings that Stephanie brought into our lives. If you have a thought, a story, a prayer, or condolences you would like to share, you can visit our website today so we can rejoice together in the friendship and love that we have for Stephanie. All the notes and memories we gather will be sent to her family on behalf of our extended family.

Send in your thoughts and memories about Stephanie.

Thank you,

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