Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Obama Blog Squad

Soooo, if I ever suddenly "disappear," you'll know why. (oooo, so scared..shaking in my boots here..LOL)

Thanks to Larry Johnson, ever the truth teller, for outting the Bots new tactics - disrupting blogs who don't share their starstruck vision of the presumptive messianic nominee. There's a lot of info out there if you "google" it but get's been reported that Google was/is? a participant in it. The deal is..the bots find blogs they don't like, then en masse, report the blogs as spam which serves to take down the site until checked out. Allegedly, Google is attempting to rectify this so we'll get to see how it all shakes out soon but ain't that sumthin'?

Did you ever in a million years think you'd see Democrats resorting to such behaviors?


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Obama Rumor Squad, aka Thugs-for-Obama

By TexasDarlingravatarcloseAuthor: TexasDarlin Name: Texas Darlin
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NOTICE: Larry Johnson rebutted the Time magazine article earlier today in his story, “Let’s Help Barack Fight the “Smears’.” Larry exposes a “shocker” in the Time story.

The blogger published this originally at TexasDarlin. has launched a web page with much fanfare and media glory called FighttheSmears.

As a pro-Hillary stop-Obama blogger, I welcome this initiative. I eagerly await Obama’s response to several questions raised by the blogging community, such as those in this post called Memo to Obama: Missing Documents

My question for Barack Obama is what tactics will be employed in this new project?

Will the team of Internet thugs be ramped up to continue to bully, intimidate, threaten, “out,” and hack lawful bloggers exercising freedom of speech and expression? Because that’s what they have been doing. Just open the tab at the top of this site called Team Obama Hate Messages, which I cannot update fast enough with all the messages I receive. And read this blogger’s post called Barack Obama Condones Coordinated Internet Harrassment By His Thugs.

Of course, the mainstream media, such as TIME are not exploring this angle. Probably because they have NO IDEA how Obama’s Internet thugs currently operate. I notice that TIME did not bother to interview Larry Johnson of No Quarter, who they mention, or any other supposed offending bloggers for their story. Typical for this election. Turn an Obama for America press release into a “news story” and call it a day.

TIME writes:

Obama is enlisting his millions of supporters to help him hunt down and quash these stories, just as those supporters helped him turn his insurgent campaign into a history-making juggernaut. Says Obama adviser Anita Dunn: “We will not allow Michelle — or, for that matter, Barack—to be defined by rumors.”

So, again, I ask: What tactics does the truth squad intend to employ in order to “hunt down and quash these stories?” How will it train these “millions” of truth-seekers?

Let me be very clear: Any illegal activity or threats aimed at this blog will be immediately reported to appropriate authorities, and pursued.

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