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From a dear friend who's worked harder on this one item than anyone I've encountered...I'm not going to re-iterate what I've said in the past about impeachment but as usual, I ask you to do your own research.

Will this happen? Doubtful. Should it? Absolutely. If we are EVER to restore our moral authority in the eyes of the world and idly sit back and keep impeachment just a word, what in the world does this SAY to the rest of the world????

Oh, one more thing. Obama is against impeachment.

June 30, 2008


We saw Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton do it -- and a now Bush-appointed District Judge named Bates weasels out of those criminal contempt charges saying he doesn't want to "disrupt the balance of power"!

The judge said if Congress wants remedies, they could put Miers or Bolton in handcuffs and make them testify, or they could cut funding for the Justice Department!

While many of us would be thrilled to see these people in handcuffs, the Justice Department becomes more of a disgrace with every politicized appointee. Defendants in handcuffs could still claim executive privilege in front of the committee.

Now comes Karl Rove's attorney, telling the House Judicial Committee that Rove will not honor his subpoena either to testify under oath re 1) possible political firings of US attorneys in 2006, and 2) the questionable political prosecution and imprisonment of former Alabama governor Donald Seigelman.

It's no less than a declaration of war on citizen/activists, and most of our pathetic Congressional reps (at least to this point) can't muster the political will to take a stand for the Constitution -- the very same one our young men and women are killing and dying for in Iraq. Talk about outrage fatigue.

But -- we must take our vitamins and overcome! Think of the living conditions of our troops and of Iraqi civilians. We don't have to leave the comfort of our living rooms and down-filled sofas, no need (yet, anyway) to put our bodies on the line in the streets, as they did in the '60s. Then again, it could still come to that. We've got to MAKE NOISE and keep making noise -- lots of it, every single day!

Put aside 15 minutes every day. Write and call newspapers (you have access to the media list) and to your congressional rep -- whatever it takes to make our voices heard. Remember, chatter about bombing Iran is getting louder every day, and there are very few Congressional voices opposing that insanity.

CALL YOUR CONGRESSPERSON EVERY DAY (202-224-3122) to protest Rove's blatant defiance of Congressional oversight! They count your calls! What would happen to you or me if we thumbed our noses at a subpoena??

Ask your rep to protest the actions of these shameless, impudent, insolent, arrogant, defiant, pompous, imperious, audacious, contemptible, reptiles, whose sneering, scorning and disdaining snubbing of Congress makes a mockery of the legislative branch of government and barricades Congress from performing its Constitutional duty. Vince Bugliosis said it: There are no words strong enough to describe this Bush and his administration.

This week when your rep is at home in his/her district (till July 6), go to their offices - ask to see them -- talk to their District Directors or staffers -- bring impeachment materials and come fully armed with correct and dramatic information. Find out about public appearances, town hall meetings, etc., where your voice can be heard!

Get a group to picket outside their offices; go in teams to busy public places within their district and get constituents to sign petitions or write a one-line postcard to their rep, demanding they do their oversight duty; bring rep address labels, and make sure the constituent signs both their name and address. You mail them.

Call district offices every day, but call and leave messages at their DC offices, too. Some of us will be there next week, lobbying for these purposes.

Today: Ask your rep to either:

1. Press for criminal contempt charges as with Bolton & Miers (tho, possibly going before the same Judge Bates, above); or,

2. Arrest Karl Rove immediately - which will bring him before the committee to testify, but he could still claim executive privilege (tho, it would be WONderful to see Rove in handcuffs!), or


3. Tell your rep to demand Chairman Conyers impeach Bush if Rove defies the subpoena by a date certain (in July). This has precedent. One of the AOI against Nixon was for not complying with a Congressional subpoena.

If Congress does nothing, a precedent will be set for future presidents and they will avoid Congressional subpoenas, nullifying Constitutional oversight forever.


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