Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama Blows Off the Fourth Amendment....

but are you surprised? Oh, if you're one of the Bots, I suppose nothing surprises you given he's "The One" but how about the rest of you thinking Americans? In case you missed it, the Flip-Flopping "presumptive" nominee cast his vote today exactly how Dubya wished on the FISA amendment that, in addition to many other sordid wiretapping authorizations, grants immunity to all those telecom companies who were complicit in breaking the law in the first place. Would YOU be given immunity if you were involved in such anti-American activities? Pardon me while I choke on my disgust. No, fellow American, you would NOT be granted immunity. But Senator Obama wouldn't want that for you anyway.

And so they deny, deny, deny that Senator O isn't moving to the center. Let's see...he's changed his position on withdrawal from Iraq; he's now formally blown off the Constitution, and oh, let's not even TALK about NAFTA. From day 1, I asked here, who is this man Obama? I still don't have an answer. The things I DO know, however, as a REAL Democrat, make me shudder (with a hat tip to my "friends" at Democratic Underground) as he should ALL Democrats, regardless of which way you lean.

And the other item of non-interest today is the speculation that Flipper-O may choose John Edwards as his running mate. Speaking for myself which is exactly what I do here, DU-ers, he could resurrect George Washington from the grave as his running mate and he would STILL not get my vote.

I wonder if America will ever wake up to the fact that neither candidate is trustworthy. I wonder if America will ever wake up to the fact that our only solution here remains impeachment followed up with a complete housecleaning of the entire Congress 'ceptin' a few to purge this country from these corrupt, self-preoccupied, greedy, power/war mongerers who care nothing for you or me. And while we're at it, let's put the media bums out of business too. Maybe THEN we might get some truth out of DC...ya think???

By the way, Reverend Jackson, why in the world did you apologize for speaking the truth???

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