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Obama the Chameleon

Is there NOTHING this PRESUMPTIVE candidate won't stop at when it comes to his insatiable greed for power? Is there NO ONE he won't throw under the Obama bus? Is there no situation he won't use to embellish his self importance? No claim he won't make to add to his fabricated messiah-hood? And now this, thanks once again to the fantastic contributors to NoQuarterUSA.

Invoking the Holocaust, Racism and Other Strong Arm Tactics : NO QUARTER
Invoking the Holocaust, Racism and Other Strong Arm Tactics

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My father was a concentration camp survivor so I had a rather visceral reaction to Senator Obama’s claim several weeks ago that his uncle helped liberate Auschwitz - an obvious lie, unless his uncle was with the Red Army. Then it was his great uncle and it was Buchenwald, well, no, it was a sub camp called Uhrsdurf or…oops, then there were questions because it seems his great uncle served in the navy not the army and so what exactly did he liberate again? I’m still waiting to see the paperwork.

Senator Obama, in his shameless pandering regarding one of the world’s worst atrocities, was trying to ‘liberate’ voters from reality. It seems supplanting facts with his ’special’ embellishments is a particular talent of his. He is constantly looking to make himself a hero by association. In his speeches, he raises the specter of every great leader we’ve ever had, conveniently mentioning himself in the same breath. This ‘holocaust’ fabrication, while one of many, was not one I took kindly to, for obvious reasons.

Dr. Kate’s June 6, 2008 article, “My Letter to the Editor re a Democratic Superdelegate’s Threats,” reports writing to California Super Delegate Steven J. Ybarra to question Obama’s qualifications for President and got the following response:

“[g]ood for you, when the fascists come in the middle of the night to take you to a concentration camp, remember how you voted.

[t]ake me off your whiner list…”

Is he intimating if we vote for John McCain, we will be taken to concentration camps?

While this Super Delegate may be a loose cannon, his response is not an isolated incident, in terms of some crass cruelty being leveled at those daring to question why the closest primary battle in history ended with the stronger candidate being forced out by pledges of a bunch of cowardly Super Delegates, each endorsement more phony and empty than the last.

I am not sure which ‘fascists’ this Super Delegate is referring to, but this sham of a nominating process makes it look like Pelosi, Dean, Brazile and company, in the process of working to build their new Democratic Party, are the ones acting like fascists.

Governor Kathy Sebelius intimates that Republicans are going to try to make us afraid to vote for Obama because of his race, when clearly the threat is that anyone who does not line up to support him, i.e., Hillary voters, will be labeled racist. And who will be doing the labeling, exactly? Does the fact that this man has no qualifications for the job matter or is that something we shouldn’t bother to worry our pretty little heads about?

Curious why Senator Obama keeps distracting us with racial issues we aren’t even pondering. But I guess the best defense is an offense.

Before turning in my new ‘Independent’ voter registration form at the post office on June 7th, I was a 30 year member of the Democratic Party. Thursday, I received a fund raising mailer from the DNC with the following in large bold letters on the outside of the envelope:


Wow. That kinda sorta sounds like an order to me. That is the first time I have ever received a piece of mail from the DNC telling me what “it is time” to do.

Perhaps all is not well in paradise.

Obama’s campaign manager, David Axelrod, is fond of reframing the electoral map so as to indicate my presence is no longer required at the party. So then why is the ‘Party’ ordering me to line up?

Donna Brazile replies to voters’ emails constantly telling them to ’stop the hate.’ What hate - her hate? She has been sending demoralizing missives privately to us for months, and implies on CNN that the ‘old’ base can sit this one out - our votes aren’t needed. According to Ms. Brazile, the new party has more urban, sophisticated voters. I see, so being born and raised in New York with an advanced degree makes me an uneducated, bigoted hick? Got it, Donna. And when I begged you months ago to vet this guy and you wrote ‘why the fear’ - I guess I was off base there too, huh?

The shape shifting Senator Obama has basically turned his back on every policy promise, so much so that even the New York Times editorial board is taking issue with him, but ‘why the fear?’ Despite caucus strong arm tactics, falsely labeling innocent people racists, and besmirching and misrepresenting Hillary Clinton’s record and policies, we should still trust him. Even though he never met a person, policy or issue he wasn’t willing to throw under the bus without as much as a backward glance.

Just ask Alice Palmer, bitter Pennsylvania voters, WV, KY, MI, FL, ‘Archie Bunkers’ from Ohio, Revs. Wright & Pfleger, TUCC, ’shoulder pad’ feminists and sweeties, Tony Rezko, Muslim women, his grandmother, FISA, gun control, MoveOn.Org, public financing, Iraq withdrawal, pro-choice policy, NARAL, Welfare recipients, oh yes, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro, Wes Clark… I could go on singing.

Feel free to add your own to the growing list…basically anyone who didn’t vote for him or endorse him ‘early enough.’ Some African American elected officials may now be facing primary challenges anyway as a result of not timely bowing before ‘the messiah.’

Hillary Clinton lived through six months of the most egregious, disgusting misogyny ever leveled at a candidate, and Howard Dean says he wasn’t aware of any of it because “he doesn’t watch cable television.” Got it.
Yep. Dean, Brazile and Pelosi, otherwise known as hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. And the millions of us out here, appalled at the carnival of clowns we’re watching - that’s not really happening. We’re just whining.
Oh, and Howard, where is Barack’s birth certificate, by the way? You know, the real one.

I am not a huge fan of John McCain, but since he ran as a moderate candidate eight years ago, only to be eviscerated by his own party, and since none other than Mr. Progressive from Massachusetts, John Kerry, tapped McCain to be his running mate in 2004, in the absence of my girl, Hillary, I’ll take my chances with ‘McCranky.’

And John Kerry is now picking up the slack trashing McCain’s military credentials, saying they do not qualify him to be President - even though McCain defended Kerry from the Swift boaters four years ago. Nice.

From The Hotline, March 20, 2008, NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli reported Kerry said Obama “has an ability to help us bridge the divide in religious extremism, to maybe even give power to moderate Islam.” Why? Kerry answers: “Because he’s African American. Because he’s a black man.” Actually, he’s bi-racial, John, but don’t let the details bog you down. Is Obama’s white mother under that bus, too?

So skin color is now a qualification to be considered? This just gets better and better. What if Hillary Clinton said electing a woman would demonstrate that America has found a new compassion which would foster peace and harmony in the world. How would that fly?

But since Kerry’s original idea didn’t fly, I guess we now need new fear tactics to put Obama over the top, like threatening us with overturning Roe v. Wade, SCOTUS appointments and 100 years in Iraq - although Senator Obama has just this week moved to the right side of the aisle on all three issues, so who are we afraid of again?

Unless the abusive factions among super delegates and the DNC are going to stand with a gun to my head on November 4th, not unlike the figurative gun held to Senator Clinton’s head to get her to bow out, nobody controls how I vote.

Judging by the behavior of Senator Obama, and his cadre at the DNC, the only fascism I see is coming from those actively working to stop an open convention by forcing Hillary’s name off the ballot, ordering us to vote their way and threatening vile slander if we don’t.

These grown-ups, these leaders of the Democratic Party, having pulled a fast one, are furious at being caught with their hands in the cookie jar. That we refuse to make nice and imitate their “see no evil” posture has them behaving like rude, bullying children in the playground, who, upon having learned a vile curse word, can’t wait to crush all around them with a phrase so destructive, they neither comprehend its meaning or care about the consequences of branding someone falsely.

Many in this country, regardless of ethnicity or background, know what it is like to be on the real end of persecution and injustice.

There is no excuse for any of our elected representatives to dare invoke these filthy words like bullies in a schoolyard so they may claim power over us, and tell us what “it is time” to do.


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