Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama - You are NO JFK so FORGET about Berlin!

The weather is so hot and humid here on the east coast that I think I'll indulge the conspiracy theorist brain cells in what's left of my brain that bush stole...after all, isn't that what those of you bush/McCain and Obama sycophants* consider the rest of us who seek truth? My brain is subject to extreme heat though, that I shall admit, so rather than engage in some critical thinking today (horrors!), here's a little something for your addled brains to ponder. Where or where, please tell me, is Camelot? Oh, ok, I'll say was a myth.

Anyway, I needed a dose of a REAL Democrat (sorry, DU - you can pass on this) so keep your Obama...THIS was a real "prophet."

*I know you think you're Dems but you're not so that's why you got linked with bush** and Company.

**N.B. The capitalization-free spelling of bush is NOT a typo. I never have, and I never will. IF he WERE the real President of the United States, I'd afford him that respect - bush/Gore 2000, thank you very much.


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